Ohio is the Second Cheapest State to Drive a Car

Car driver
Per Bankrate.com, Ohio is the second cheapest state to drive a car with a yearly average of $1,970 for gas, insurance, repairs, taxes and other fees.

What state is the most expensive? Wyoming
What state is the cheapest? Iowa

Indiana ranked #26 and Kentucky ranked #37.

See the ratings here.

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Sibcy Cline Insurance Services Is Among the Top 25 Largest Area Property and Casualty Agencies


Sibcy Cline Insurance Services made the Business Courier list of the top 25 largest area property and casualty agencies. The company was ranked at #22.

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Automobile Insurance – It All Started in Dayton, Ohio

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Did you know the world’s first automobile insurance policy was issued in Dayton, Ohio in 1897?

We usually think of the Motor City (Detroit, Michigan) as the birthplace of the manufacturing of cars. But, Ohio was actually in the forefront of this new technology for transportation.

In 1897, Gilbert J. Loomis was the first person to purchase an automobile liability insurance policy from the Travelers Insurance Company for $1000.00.

Other interesting car insurance facts:

  • Missouri had no driver exam law until 1952. Prior to such laws, people would simply pay ($.50 or so) and walk away with a license to drive.
  • Massachusetts was the first state to require automobile liability insurance in 1927. (Today, New Hampshire is the only state in the U.S. without such mandatory liability laws.)

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Ohio has the Fourth Lowest Car Insurance Rates in the U.S.

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Ohio is ranked as the 4th least expensive state for car insurance in the U.S with a yearly average of $1,106. This is according to a state-by-state comparison of 2013 rates by insure.com.

What state has the most expensive car insurance rates? Louisiana at $2,699. (Followed by Michigan, Georgia, Oklahoma and Washington D.C.)

What state has the least expensive car insurance rates? Maine at $934.

Kentucky ranked #10 at $1,725 and Indiana ranked #44 at $1,183.

Why is there variance in insurance premiums state by state? 

  • Each state has different numbers of insurers competing for the business
  • Driving conditions
  • Number of drivers who are uninsured
  • State insurance systems and laws

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Dayton, Ohio Ranks Number 34 in the U.S. For Best Drivers


Dayton, Ohio, with its 841,000 residents, are doing well behind the wheel, because the city was part of the “2013 Best Drivers Report” and ranked #34 in the United States as a safe city to drive.

  • Dayton drivers average 11 years between accidents
  • Dayton drivers are 9.3% less likely to be in a crash as compared to the rest of the U.S.

What city was ranked the safest to drive in the U.S.? Fort Collins, Colorado.

Want to read the Best Drivers Report? Go here.

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Ben Franklin and Sibcy Cline Insurance – Yes, There’s a Connection!

Benjamin Franklin portrait

Everyone uses insurance for their home, car and health, but did you ever think about how this industry was first established in our country?

Benjamin Franklin, one of our country’s founding fathers, started the first insurance company in 1752 called the Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire. Homes in Philadelphia were made of wood and were very close to each other and this type of fire insurance was needed!

From Franklin’s fire insurance company, building standards were developed to avoid fire hazards and pay outs from the company. These insurance standards were later reworked into city building and zoning codes.

The man-who-appears-on-the-$100-bill also started the first life insurance company. Interested in reading more about the history of insurance? Go here.

What is the history of Sibcy Cline Insurance Services?
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