Halloween Safety Tips – for your Home and the Trick or Treaters

It’s almost time for  Halloween. The kids will soon have fun wearing their costumes and trick or treating in their neighborhoods. Here are tips to make this holiday a safe one:

Home Safety

  • Clear your walkway of any debris and wet leaves to avoid tripping or slipping hazards.
  • Keep pets inside, away from doors or windows so they won’t scare trick-or-treaters.
  • Don’t hand out candy that could be a possible choking hazard for young children.
  • Have your porch/entrance well lit if you are handing out candy. Keep the lights off if you do not want visitors.
  • Young children should not carve pumpkins.


  • A parent or responsible adult should always accompany young children.
  • Older unsupervised children should go out with a group, follow an acceptable/safe route, and return home at a specific time.
  • Only visit homes with a porch light on and never enter a stranger’s home or car for a treat.
  • Put electronic devices down and keep heads up.
  • Stay on the sidewalks, cross only at corners, and don’t run across the street.
  • Make sure to carry flashlights, especially if staying out after dark.
  • Travel only in familiar, well-lit areas and avoid trick-or-treating alone.
  • Don’t eat any treats until returning home so you can carefully inspect them.


  • All costumes, wigs and accessories should be made of fire-resistant materials.
  • Accessories like swords or knives should be made out of cardboard or a flexible material.
  • Pick brightly colored costumes and fasten reflective objects to clothing and bags so they are visible to motorists.
  • Avoid oversized or high-heeled shoes that can cause a child to trip.
  • Make sure masks or other head accessories don’t impede vision. (It is advisable to use make up or face paint instead of a mask.)
  • Avoid tripping hazards, make sure costume is not too long and shoes are the proper size.
  • Remove all makeup before going to bed to prevent skin and eye irritation.
  • Attach your child’s name and contact information inside their costume.

Want to know what day and time to trick or treat day in your neighborhood?

Quick and Easy Home-Maintenance Tips

DIY construction toolsA properly functioning house can save homeowners a lot of headaches and money. Not all home repairs have to be complicated with a little know-how. A bit of online research and some elbow grease is more than enough to tackle many issues that can arise. And, there are many home repair and maintenance jobs that can be accomplished in less than an hour with minimal investment

Just like any other kind of home DIY project, home owners should take all due caution when picking up these tasks, investing in the right safety equipment and tools, and proceeding carefully to ensure everything is done safely.

Quick Fixes
If you have a garbage disposal that is not working properly or has smelly odors, simply disconnect it from the power source. Usually it’s a matter of taking it apart and cleaning it out thoroughly.

If you have growing stains on your home’s ceilings, there are a number of products that will cover up stains and reinforce those areas of potential weakness. A hardware professional will be able to recommend which will work best for specific situations. Be sure to put plastic covering and drop cloths in place so the products don’t drip.

Need a new commode in your bathroom? Replacing a toilet is another DIY project. It requires a few tools and materials.

Cut the Noise
If you have a creaky staircase or a floorboard that just won’t stop squeaking, the “know how” needed to fix it is usually minimal. All it takes is locating the joist with a stud finder and applying a small screw to the area (right through the carpet). If one doesn’t work, try adding one or two more until the floorboard is more firmly in place and not making noise. This is the kind of job can be completed in a matter of minutes.

If your kitchen cabinet doors slam unpleasantly when being closed, simply attach little rubber bumpers to their corners. If you prefer to install “soft-close” fixtures, they are a little more expensive but add a nice element to the way closing a cabinet feels. In either case both are relatively easy to install.

Wall maintenance

Other DIY Home-Maintenance Projects
There are many other projects that can be done by a DIYer, such as adding weather stripping, patching a damaged wall, etc… Go here to learn about these and even more more DIY home-maintenance tips.

If DYI is not appealing to you, be sure to contact Sibcy Cline Home Services for recommendations of vetted home-related vendors and services.

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Theresa Harper with Sibcy Cline West Chester is Honored with the Distinguished Volunteer Award

Theresa Harper Distinguished Volunteer of the Year Award

Theresa Harper and Robert Richardson, president of the Cincinnati NAACP.

Theresa Harper, a Realtor with Sibcy Cline West Chester, was honored with the “Distinguished Volunteer Award” on October 6, 2018 from the Cincinnati NAACP at the Freedom Fund Dinner.

Theresa Harper Volunteer of the Year Award 1

Curtis Fuller of WLWT and Theresa Harper.

Theresa has been an active member of the Cincinnati NAACP for many years and has served on the executive committee for 16 years. For the past 15 years she has served as the Cincinnati Youth Advisor, teaching leadership skills and empowering students to improve their community by proposing legislative changes and policies enforcement. She has also served as the State of Ohio NAACP Youth and College Advisor from 2013 – 2016 coordinating youth programing and training. Theresa has been involved for 16 years as the NAACP Chair of ACT-SO (Afro-Academic, Cultural, Technological and Scientific Olympics.) This group pulls together 32 talent and enrichment programs for students culminating with a yearly competition. (Fairfield is offering ACT-SO as a class – which is the first in the nation.) Theresa is also very active with her church and currently serves as the social action chairperson.

Says Rob Streicher, vice president/sales manager of the Sibcy Cline West Chester office, “We are very proud of Theresa and are very happy to have her as part of our team. She exemplifies what ‘giving back to the community’ is throughout the year. She is very deserving of her volunteer honor.”

The Cincinnati NAACP was established in 1915 and is the region’s oldest civil rights organization. It focuses on eliminating discrimination and inequality through empowerment, economic inclusion, criminal justice reform and transparency.

Six Tips for Fall Home Maintenance

Leaves in guttersDuring the fall season it’s important to make sure you’re doing all you can to keep your home in good shape before colder weather arrives. Winter weather can inflict some damage on a home and so making sure everything is in good shape now – while the weather is still mild – is always a good idea. Here are six fall home-maintenance tips:

One (1) – Water and Sprinklers
Perhaps the most important place to start with fall home maintenance is outside, especially around driveways, front steps and other parts of the home where people are going to be walking and where ice, snow and slush can make their unwelcome presence felt. Identifying areas where stairs may need to be repaired, cracks and holes patched or smoothed, will help keep you safe from dangerous slip-and-falls. Also, be sure there are lights to illuminate pathways and sidewalks.

Homeowners should also make sure sprinkler systems are flushed out and exterior water connections are shut off to sprinkler systems and outdoor spigots. This will prevents the possibility of having pipes freeze and later bursting. Store all water hoses inside the garage.

If you know there has been water buildup in certain parts of your lawn – especially around the home’s foundation – think about ways to redirecting it. Experts recommend ensuring a six-inch vertical slope over 10 feet of space to usher water away from a home.

Two (2) – Leaves
Be sure the lawn is in good shape as fall arrives. Stay on top of raking when foliage starts to fall. Letting all those fallen leaves sit on a lawn over the winter, especially when compacted by snow, can create dead spots in the grass next spring, so clearing leaves before serious snowfall arrives is a must.

Three (3) – Gutters and Roof 
In addition to clearing leaves, it’s also important to clear out the gutters. Clogged gutters can lead to ice dams, which then result in water building up as snow melts – and potentially leads to a leaky roof.

And while you’re up on the ladder, you should also make sure everything is in good shape on the roof. If any shingles appear to be damaged or missing, they need to be replaced before harsh weather arrives. (Depending upon the scope of any roof issues,  these might not be tasks you personally tackle.)

Four (4) – No Air Leaks
Don’t let warm air escape your home this winter. Use exterior caulk around your home’s exterior to seal any cracks between the trim and siding, windows and door frames.

Five (5) – Furnace
It’s always a good idea to schedule check-up professional maintenance for your heating system to make sure it is in tip-top shape for colder days. Be sure to change your furnace filters regularly.

Six (6) – Fireplace
Make sure the damper opens and closes. Look up into the flue to make sure it is not obstructed with leaves or bird nests. Consider a fireplace and chimney inspection to fix any damaged bricks and mortar.

Need help with your list of things to do this fall? Be sure to contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can recommend vetted, home-related services and vendors to you.

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October 2018 Things to Do in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Ohio


October Festivals and Fun Things To DoOctober is here and there are so many fun things to do throughout our local communities. There are quite a few festivals this month – with themes such as: chocolate, pumpkins, sunflowers, wool and more. And don’t forget about Halloween – enjoy a spooky night hike, costume parade and even a zombie fest. Take a look at our list of 100+ events in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana. (Interested in visiting a Haunted House? Look at our local list here.)

Events in order by date.

Halloween Hunt
September 21 – October 27, 2018
Kings Island at 6300 Kings Island Drive, Mason, Ohio
Evil creatures to scare you! And enjoy the rides.

Scarecrow Row
September 29 – October 14, 2018
Otto Armleder Memorial Park and Recreation Complex
5057 Wooster Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
View lots of scarecrows!

The Great Pumpkin Fest
September 29 – October 28, 2019
6200 Kings Island Drive, Kings Island, Mason, Ohio
No tricks – just treats.

Ohio Renaissance Festival
Through October 28, 2018 (Weekends)
10542 E. State Route 73 in Waynesville, Ohio
Ladies and knights – enjoy going back into time and enjoy the Elizabethan era!


Health Expo ’18 
October 2, 2018
Hollenbeck Bayley Creative Art Center at 275 South Limestone Street, Springfield, Ohio
Free interactive wellness fair

Aurora Farmer’s Fair
October 3-6, 2018
Aurora, Indiana
Parade, rides, exhibits and food!

NKY Bourbon Festival
October 4, 2018
Hilton Cincinnati Airport at 7373 Turfway Road, Florence, Kentucky
Unlimited food samples and four tastings of bourbon!

Levitt Pavilion Concerts
October 4-7, 2018
134 S. Main Street, Dayton Ohio
Free concerts in downtown Dayton, Ohio!

The Government Inspector
October 4-7, 2018
Patricia Corbett Theatre, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
A Russian classic play

The Sleepy Hollow Experience at Haunted Mountain
October 4-31, 2018 (Thursdays – Sundays)
Sugarloaf Mountain Amphitheatre at 5968 Marietta Road, Chillicothe, Ohio
A theatrical nightmare!

12th Annual Ertel Cellars Winery Festival
October 5, 2018
3794 East County Road, 1110 North Batesville, Indiana
Live entertainment under a big-top tent with wine tasting, food and pumpkins! There will be wagon rides and crafts for the kids.

Champaign County Balloon Fest
October 5-6, 2018
1631 N. Main Street at Grimes Field, Urbana, Ohio
Music, food, balloon launch and glow

First Friday / Second Look at Pendleton Art Center – Middletown
October 5-6, 2018
1105 Central Avenue, Middletown, Ohio 45042
Artists will be available to show off their talents, food, music and more!

CliftonFest Art and Music Festival
October 5-6, 2018
Ludlow and Clifton Avenues in Clifton, Cincinnati, Ohio
Live art drawings on the sidewalks, live music and more!

St Leon Oktoberfest
October 5-6, 2018
St. Joseph American Legion Post 464 at 28866 Post 464 Road, Brookville, Indian
German music, beer, food and games. Pork chop dinner on Saturday evening.

Donauschwaben Oktoberfest
October 5-7, 2018
4290 Dry Ridge Road in Cincinnati, Ohio
Enjoy all that is German!

Heritage of Flight Festival and Parade
October 5-7, 2018
Along Main Street in New Carlisle, Ohio
Live entertainment, pancake breakfast, parade of planes and more!

The Kentucky Wool Festival
October 5-7, 2018
Falmouth, Kentucky
Entertainment, food, sheep shearing and herding and more!

Metamora Canal Days Festival
October 5-7, 2018
Downtown Metamora, Indiana
Enjoy food, live music and booths with arts, antiques and handmade items.

Rhythm Brew Art and Music Fest
October 5-7, 2018
629 York Street in Newport, Kentucky
Music, art, food and shopping!

The Farm at Walnut Creek Fall Festival
October 5-6 and 8, 2018
4147 County Road 114, Sugarcreek, Ohio
Enjoy all of the animals!

Apple Cider and Pumpkin Celebration
October 6, 2018
Hidden Valley Orchards at 5474 North SR 48, Lebanon, Ohio
Enjoy a pumpkin day!

Chocolate Festival
October 6, 2018
Montgomery County Fairgrounds at 645 Infirmary Road, Dayton, Ohio
Lots of chocolate plus games and activities for the kids

CliftonFest Arts & Music Festival
October 6, 2018
Ludlow and Clifton Avenues in Clifton in Cincinnati, Ohio
Live art drawings on the sidewalks. live music, artisan vendors, food and more!

Dayton Pagan Pride Day
October 6, 2018
Eastwood Metropark at 1442 Harshman Road in Dayton, Ohio
Learn about pagan spiritualism.

Friendship Music Festival – Bluegrass in the Valley
October 6, 2018
Old Mill Campground at 7249 1st Street in Friendship, Indiana
Enjoy local Bluegrass bands along with some great food!

Gold Star Chili Fest
October 6, 2018
The Cincinnati Fire Museum at 315 W. Court St., downtown Cincinnati, Ohio
Back after 14 years – a chili cook-off that you will not want to miss!

Miamisburg Fall Festival
October 6, 2018
Riverfront Park at 3 N. Miami Avenue, Miamisburg, Ohio
Games, crafts, petting zoos, pumpkin patch and carnival rides!

October Fest
October 6, 2018
Deer Park, Cincinnati, Ohio
Spooktacular time! Hay rides, costume contests!

Ready, Set, Glow
October 6, 2018
Charles Lathrem Senior Center at 29000 Glengarry Drive, Kettering, Ohio
Glow-in-the-dark games, scavenger hunt and more. Registration required

SuburbiCon Comic Creator Expo
October 6, 2018
Trent Arena Lobby at 3301 Shroyer Road, Kettering, Ohio
Meet 20 comic creators!

Wyoming Fall Festival
October 6, 2018
Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming (Cincinnati), Ohio
Enjoy vendor booths, food, art and more!

Apple Butter Festival
October 6-7, 2018
6924 Brown Road at Hueston Woods State Park Pioneer Farm in Oxford, Ohio
Learn all about farm life in the 19th century.

Jungle Jim’s Weekend of Fire
October 6-7, 2018
Jungle Jim’s International Market at 5440 Dixie Highway, Fairfield, Ohio
Sample hot, spicy foods!

Ohio Cider Fest
October  6-7, 2018
Hidden Valley Fruit Farm in Lebanon, Ohio
Enjoy cider and all kinds of autumn things

Sunflower Festival
October 6-7, 2018
Gorman Heritage Farm at 10052 Reading Road in Evendale, (Cincinnati) Ohio
Sunflower maze, food trucks, pumpkins and sunflowers! Admission fee.

Wagner Subaru Outdoor Experience
October 6-7, 2018
Eastwood MetroPark in Dayton, Ohio
Try a course and enjoy BMX demonstrations. Live music. Dog activities, too!

Wilmington Ohio Doll and Bear Show
October 6-7, 2018
Roberts Centre at 123 Gano Road, Wilmington, Ohio
Vintage, modern and collectible dolls and bears to view and purchase

Young’s Fall Farm Pumpkin Festival
October 6-7, 2018
Yellow Spring, Ohio
View 800-pound pumpkins, taste pumpkin donut holes and enjoy pumpkin bowling.

October 6-7, 13-14,20-21, 2018
Coney Island at 6201 Kellogg Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio
Rides, shows, trick-or-treat trail. hayride, petting zoo and more!

October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28, 2018
Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden at 3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Trick-or-treat with the animals and more!

Horse Drawn Hay Wagon Rides at Greystone Farm
October 6-7, 13-14, 20-21, 27-28, 2018
15412 Wilson Creek Rd., Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Ride through a cornfield to the pumpkin patch

October 6-14, 2018
The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati at Taft Theatre at 317 E. Fifth Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Superman!

Fall-O-Ween Festival
October 6-21, 2018 (Weekends)
Coney Island at 6201 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Trick-or-treat trail, hayride and pumpkin launch

Hyde Park Square Art Show
October 7, 2018
Hyde Park Square at Edwards Road and Erie Avenue.
It’s the 52nd year for this show and has 200+ artists showcasing their talents.

Tri-State Antique Market
October 7, 2018
US Route 50 at Lawrenceburg Fairgrounds, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Indiana’s largest antiques and vintage market

Bradford Pumpkin Show
October 9-13, 2018
Bradford, Ohio
Decorating contest, parade, rides, crafts and more!

Haunted Hall – Cincinnati Pops
October 10-12, 2018
Music Hall  at 1241 Elm Street, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
The Cincinnati Pops will be playing spooky music!

Disney on Ice – Frozen
October 11-14, 2018
The Nutter Center at 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, Dayton, Ohio
Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Kristoff and Sven!

Moonlite Gardens Dance Party
October 12, 2018
Coney Island at 6201 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dance to live music!

30th Annual Navy Bean Festival
October 12-13, 2018 
Rising Sun, Indiana
Enjoy KidZone activities,, shows and entertainment while enjoying Navy Bean Soup and cornbread

Old Post Office Flea Market
October 12-13, 2018
Lebanon Conference & Banquet Center, 121 S. Broadway, Lebanon, Ohio
Lots and lots of great stuff!

October 12-14, 2018
Sharonville Convention Center at 11355 Chester Road, Sharonville, Ohio
Tabletop gaming convention!

Operation Pumpkin
October 12-14, 2018
High Street in Hamilton, Ohio
Pumpkin weigh off, carved pumpkin contests, annual L’il Miss Punkin contest an a Puppy Parade.

St. Nicholas
October 12-27, 2018
Ensemble Theatre Cincinnati at 1127 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
World of vampires – a haunting tale.

Charlotte’s Web
October 13, 2018
Memorial Hall at 1225 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Theatreworks’ production of E.B. White’s story about a pig and a spider.

Downtown Tour of Living
October 13, 2018
Downtown and Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
View over 12 buildings in downtown Cincinnati and Over-the-Rhine

Fall Fest at Snyder Park
October 13, 2018 
Snyder Park in Springfield, Ohio
Games, arts and crafts and lots of great food!

The Great Pumpkin Fest
October 13, 2018
Keehner Park at 7211 Barret Road, West Chester, Ohio
Puppet show, costume contest, petting zoos and a not-scary haunted trail

Lebanon Oktoberfest
October 13, 2018
Downtown Lebanon, Ohio
German everything!

Local Eats, Treats, & Keeps Fair
October 13, 2018
Kettering Recreation Complex at 2900 Glengarry Drive, Kettering, Ohio
Food, decor, clothing and more – all locally sourced

Pioneer Harvest Fest
October 13, 2018
349 South Broadway in Trotwood, Ohio
Hayrides, corn-husking contest, roasted hot dogs, antique farm equipment and more.

Yellow Springs Street Fair
October 13, 2018
Yellow Springs, Ohio
Street performers, crafts, gifts, food and more from 200+ vendors

Apple Butter Festival
October 13-14, 2018
Downtown near Enon Primary School, Enon, Ohio
Food, music and crafts

Beer Wine Food Festival
October 13-14, 2018
Wyoming (Cincinnati), Ohio
Entertainment, chalk art sidewalk painting ,food and drink!

Cincinnati Celtic Fest
October 13-14, 2018
Summit Park at 4335 Glendale Milford Road, Blue Ash (Cincinnati), Ohio
Enjoy everything Irish! Live entertainment, games, food and more!

Fairborn Fall Festival
October 13-14, 2018
Community Park at 691 E. Dayton Yellow Springs Road in Fairborn, Ohio
Celebrate fall!

Sauerkraut Festival
October 13-14, 2018
Downtown Waynesville, Ohio
This annual festival celebrates everything sauerkraut. Enjoy all kinds of sauerkraut foods from ice cream to fudge to pizza. 450 vetted vendors.

Turning of the Leaves Festival
October 13-14, 2018
Augusta, Kentucky
Visit Augusta while the leaves are looking their best! Enjoy food, entertainment and more!

2017 Fall Parade of Homes
October 13-14, 20-21, 2018
21 homes throughout Dayton, Ohio
The Home Builders Association of Dayton presents some new homes to tour!

Miss Bennet: Christmas at Pemberley
October 13 – November 10, 2018
Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park at 962 Mt. Adams Circle, Cincinnati, Ohio
The sequel to Jane Austin’s Pride and Prejudice

Oakwood Family Fall Festival
October 14, 2018
Shafor Park at Collingwood Ave. and Shafor Blvd., Oakwood, Ohio
Games, food, hayrides, pumpkin painting and more!

October 14, 2018
Kettering Recreation Center at 2900 Glengarry Drive, Kettering, Ohio
Kids will enjoy extreme paint games! Registration required

Vinoklet Winery Fall Festival
October 14, 2018
Vinkolet Winery at 11069 Colerain Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Live music, craft vendors, food and wine

Oakwood Family Fall Festival
October 14, 2018
Shafor Park (Collingwood Avenue and Shafor Boulevard) in Oakwood, Ohio
Games, food, hayrides and pumpkin painting! There will also be a costume parade.

Andrea Bocelli
October 19, 2018
U.S. Bank Arena, downtown Cincinnati, Ohio
The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra joins Andrea on stage!

A Night of Historical Haunting
October 19, 2018
George Rogers Clark Park at 930 S. Tecumseh Road, Springfield, Ohio
Haunted surprises at the Hertzler House. Enjoy a hayride, too.

Signs and Songs
October 19, 2018
American Sign Museum at 1330 Monmouth Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Concert fee

Yellow Cab Food Truck Rally
October 19, 2018
700 E. 4th Street, Dayton, Ohio
Dinner trucks, dessert trucks and local craft beers! Live entertainment.

Magic Forest Halloween Hikes
October 19 and 20, 2018
Caldwell Nature Preserve at 430 W. North Bend Road, Cincinnati, Ohio
Reservations required – walk a pumpkin-lit trail and meet nature characters

Guys and Dolls
October 19, 21, 26-27, 2018
Corbett Auditorium, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
Gangsters and gamblers and music!

Halloween Festival
October 20, 2018
Spencer Shank Park, Amelia, Ohio
Lots of fun at this annual festival!

City Flea
October 20, 2018
Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Find a treasure here!

DogFest Walk ‘n Roll Cincinnati
October 20, 2018
Voice of America MetroPark at 7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester, Ohio
Bring your pooch for a day of fun!

Northern Kentucky Wine Festival
October 20, 2018
MainStrasse Village, Covington, Kentucky
Enjoy sipping wine!

Pug Fair
October 20, 2018
Red Dog Park at 5081 Madison Road, Oakley, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pug play date!

Dayton German Club Oktoberfest
October 20, 2018
Dayton, Ohio
Enjoy everything German!

Howl-O-Ween in the Woods
October 20, 2018
Caldwell Nature Center at 430 W. North Bend Road, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dress up your pooch! Meet pet specialists and fill up a goody bag. Registration required.

Pleasant Ridge Tour of Homes
October 20, 2018
St. Peter’s United Church of Christ, 6120 Ridge Rd., Pleasant Ridge, Cincinnati, Ohio
Self-guided tour of nine homes

Rare Beer Fest
October 20, 2018
Rhinegeist Brewery at 1910 Elm Street, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
The festival honors the extraordinary and unexpected brews

Trunk ‘R Treat Fall Festival 
October 20, 2018
Beech Acres Park in Anderson Township, Cincinnati, Ohio
Classic car show, music, games and candy for the kids!

Zombie Ball 
October 20, 2018
Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park and Museum at 1763 Hamilton-Cleves Road, Hamilton, Ohio
Dress like the undead!

The Heart of Don Quixote
October 20-21, 2018
Music Hall at 1241 Elm Street, Over-the -Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Enjoy the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra

Minges and Weber Family Pumpkin Festival
October 20-21, 2018
6007 Kilby Road in Harrison, Ohio
Learn about agriculture and enjoy pumpkins.

Pioneer Village Harvest Festival
October 20-21, 2018
3999 Pioneer Village Road in Waynesville, Ohio
Learn how the pioneers prepare for winter.

Springfield Antique Show
October 20-21, 2018
Clark County Fairgrounds in Springfield, Ohio
Enjoy viewing and buying vintage and antique things!

Weber Family Pumpkin Festival
October 20-21, 2018
6007 Kilby Road, Harrison, Ohio
Live music,  arts and crafts exhibitors, activities for the kids

Art on Vine 
October 21, 2018
Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Look at the talent of over 70 artisans

Burlington Antique Show
October 21, 2018
Boone County Fairgrounds at 5819 Idelwild Road, Burlington, Kentucky
Find a special treasure!

Fall Food Fest
October 21, 2018
Findlay Market, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Pumpkin painting, cooking demonstration, live music and more!

Witches & Wizards Ball
October 21, 2018
Charles Lathrem Senior Center at 2900 Glengarry Drive, Kettering, Ohio
Kids will create a magic wand and cast a spell! Registration required

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
October 23 – November 4, 2018
Aronoff Center for the Arts at 650 Walnut Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
The Candy Man can!

Aurora Ghost Walk
October 25, 2018
St. Mary’s at 203 Fourth Street and Hillforest Victorian House Museum at 213 Fifth Street, Aurora, Indiana
Tour Aurora after dark!

The Wizard of Oz
October 25  – November 18, 2018
Covedale Center for the Performing Arts at 4990 Glenway Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Follow the yellow brick road to Oz!

The Cincy Brass Halloween Costume Party
October 26, 2018
The Woodward Theater at 1404 Main Street, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Dress up!

Halloween Party & Dance
October 26, 2018
American Czechoslovakian Club at 922 Valley Street, Dayton, Ohio
American Czechoslovakian Club Halloween Party

Boo Dell! 
October 27, 2018
Yew Dell Botanical Gardens, 6220 Old LaGrange Road, Crestwood, Kentucky
Kids can trick or treat, hayrides, straw maze and Mr. Magic

The Great Pumpkin Run
October 27, 2018
Boonybrook Farms at 3779 Ohio 132, Clarksville, Ohio
3.1miles farm with apple cider to enjoy at the end of this race

Halloween Walk in the Woods
October 27, 2018
Blue Ash Nature Park at 4337 Cooper Road, Blue Ash, Ohio
Enjoy visits from animals along with a magic show and crafts

Hauntfest on Fifth 2018
October 27, 2018
Oregon District, downtown Dayton, Ohio

Hometown Halloween
October 27, 2018
Downtown Troy, Ohio
Costume contest, parade and trick or treating!

Halloween Walk in the Woods
October 27, 2018
Blue Ash Nature Park at 4433 Cooper Road, Blue Ash, Ohio
Wear your costume!

Ohio Country Antique Show
October 27, 2018
Roberts Centre at 123 Gano Road, Wilmington, Ohio
Look at great old stuff at this show

October 27, 2018
Kettering Recreation Complex at 2900 Glengarry Drive, Kettering, Ohio
Trick-or-treat with your pooch!

Zombie Run 5K
October 27, 2018
Wright State University at 3640 Colonel Glenn Highway, Dayton, Ohio
Run or walk away from zombies!

Zombie Fest
October 27-28, 2018
3800 Main Street in Moraine, Ohio
Kids activities, hayrides, not-so-scary Halloween House, teen dance and more!

Fall Fest Weekend
October 27-28, 2018
Washington Park at 1230 Elm Street,  in Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Entertainment, baked goods, pumpkin patch, face painting and more

Park Hills Pumpkin Parade
October 28, 2018
Trolley Park in Park Hills, Kentucky
Costume parade for kids starts on Park Drive near Devou Park

The Halloween Candy Run
October 28, 2018
Old Scratch Pizza & Beer: 812 S. Patterson Blvd., Dayton, Ohio
Run and enjoy candy, costume contest and more!

October 28, 2018
Harrison, Ohio
hay rides, free games, and a costume parade

Champion City Comic Con
October 29, 2018
383 East Leffel (Quality Inn Conference Center), Springfield, Ohio
Sell, trade and enjoy comics!

Aurora Halloween Parade and Costume Contest
October 30, 2018
Downtown Aurora, Indiana
Enjoy the costumes!

Halloween Night Out
October 30, 2018
Florence Government Center, Florence, Kentucky
Enjoy lots of treats!

Spooky Tunes with The Spine Tingling Mighty Wurlitzer
October 30, 2018
Music Hall, 312 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Spooky tunes and tours of Music Hall!

Wake the Dead Bash with The Spine Tingling Mighty Wurlitzer
October 31, 2018
Music Hall, 312 Elm Street, Cincinnati, Ohio
Spooky tunes and tours of Music Hall!


August 2018 Home Sales Report for Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana

August Home Sales ReportHome sales were still strong during August in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana  Here is our report for the month:

August homes sales were strong – just slightly under August 2017 numbers.

August 2018 vs August 2017

  • -1.14% Decrease in homes sold (2,593 homes vs 2,623 homes)
  • 3.85% Increase in average sale price ($218,566 vs $210,471)
  • 4,52% Increase in median sale price ($177,676 vs $170,000)
  • 2.66% Increase in gross sales volume ($566,741,083 vs $522,062,743)

January – August 2018 vs January – August 2017

  • -.38% Decrease in homes sold (17,730 homes vs 17,798 homes)
  • 6.18% Increase in average sale price ($215,550 vs $203,009)
  • 7.36% Increase in median sale price ($215,550 vs $163,000)
  • 5.77% Increase in gross sales volume ($3,821,703,084 vs $3,613,162,014)

Statistics courtesy of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors August 2018 Home Sales Report

Dayton had positive increases in homes sold, average and median sales prices as well as sales volume as compared to August 2017.

August 2018 vs August 2017

  • 2.55% Increase in homes sold (1,647 homes vs 1,606 homes)
  • 5.39% Increase in average sale price ($170,981 vs $162,235)
  • 7.76% Increase in median sale price ($150,000 vs $139,200)
  • 8.08% Increase in sales volume ($281,606,165 vs $260,548,765)

January – August 2018 vs January – August 2017

  • 1.90% Increase in homes sold (11,117 homes vs 10,910 homes)
  • 6.61% Increase in average sale price ($166,083 vs $155,782)
  • 6.34% Increase in median sale price ($142,500 vs $134,000)
  • 8.64% Increase in sales volume ($1,846,349,767 vs $1,699,577,954)

Statistics courtesy of Dayton Realtors August 2018 Home Sales Report

Northern Kentucky
Home sales were up over six percent for August as compared to August 2017.

August 2018 vs  August 2017

  • 6.57% Increase in homes sold (730 homes vs 685 homes)
  • 3.86% Increase in average sale price ($189,565 vs $182,511)
  • 5.78% Increase in median sale price ($169,250 vs $160,000)
  • 10.69% Increase in sales volume ($138,382,748 vs $125,020,676)

January – August 2018 vs January – August 2017

  • -1.42% Decrease in homes sold (4,856 homes vs 4,926 homes)
  • 7.22% Increase in average sale price ($193,370 vs $180,346)
  • 6.69% Increase in median sale price ($167,500 vs $157,000)
  • 5.70% Increase in sales volume ($939,006,278 vs $888,384,971)

Statistics courtesy of Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors August 2018 Home Sales Report

Southeastern Indiana
The Southeastern Indiana region had increases in units, average/median sale prices as well as sales volume in August.

August 2018 vs August 2017

  • 8.9% Increase in homes sold (134 homes vs 123 homes)
  • .8% Increase in average sale price ($175,693 vs $174,328)
  • 1.62% Increase in median sale price ($162,500 vs $159,900)
  • 9.8% Increase in sales volume ($23,542,799 vs $21,442,297)

January – August 2018 vs January – August 2017

  • 6.2% Increase in homes sold (863 homes vs 813 homes)
  • 6.6% Increase in average sale price ($167,664 vs $147,335)
  • 6.8% Increase in median sale price ($150,000 vs $140,500)
  • 13.1% Increase in sales volume ($144,693,607 vs $127,913,336)

Statistics courtesy of Rick McMillin – Southeastern Indiana Board of Realtors MLS Homes Sold Report dated September 20, 2018.

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Local Haunted Houses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Dayton 2018

Local Haunted HousesLove to scream? Go to a local haunted house in October! Here is our list of regional haunted houses in Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indiana and Dayton for 2018:


Northern Kentucky

The Farm House
 (Benton Farms)
11896 Old Lexington Pike in Walton
This 1901 house is a documented haunted house!

The Mayhem Mansion
13966 DeCoursey Pike, Morning View, Kentucky 41063
A very spooky home. Come if you dare.

USS Nightmare
101 Riverboat Row in Northern Kentucky
The 30-minute tour on a steamboat has two very scary levels

Southeastern Indiana

Fear Factory Haunted House

7  S. Eastern Ave in Batesville, Indiana
This house was rated #5 in Indiana! Their website has lots of scary pics so be prepared to be frightened! This house benefits the Cierra’s Club.

Haunted House Lost Soul Asylum
Aurora Fireplace at 5950 Dutch Hollow Road in Aurora, Indiana
October 9-31, 2017 (Fridays and Saturdays)


Dent Schoolhouse

5963 Harrison Avenue (45248)
Promoted as Cincinnati’s scariest haunted house! The site has been known to be haunted. (Their website is pretty scary!

Halloween Haunt
Kings Island in Mason
6300 Kings Island Drive, Mason, Ohio
Scare zones include a backwoods bayou, cemetery drive, freak street and nightmare alley.

Haunted Village
Heritage Village Museum at Sharon Woods, Cincinnati, Ohio
Family-friendly, slight-fright event!

Highway 50 Fright Field
11294 Highway 50, North Bend, Ohio
Travel a haunted trail into haunted woods and back…

Land of Illusion
8762 Thomas Road in Middletown, Ohio
This haunted scream park has 4 haunted houses and 1 trail.

Mt. Healthy Haunted Hall
7700 Seward Avenue (45231)
House, 5 tents, a back yard and a giant vortex. This is the oldest continuously running haunted attraction in the area!


Brimstone Haunted Hayride
September 28 – October 27, 2018
472 Brimstone Rd, Wilmington, Ohio
Hayride and forgotten forest

Horror Acres
6995 Springfield Jamestown Rd in Springfield
This haunted attraction has won a lot of “best of’s”…Best Queue Line Entertainer, Best Freddy Krueger, etc…

Lewisburg Haunted Cave
4392 Swishers Mill Road, Lewisburg, Ohio
Be prepared to get scared 80 feet below the ground in a limestone cave!

Wilmington Haunted Hollow Ride
1261 W. Dalton Road in Wilmington
Enjoy (??) a haunted bus ride through a forest of monsters and more. And there’s more: nightmare penitentiary, slaughter hotel and terror in the corn!

If haunted houses are not your thing, take a look at homes in the area for sale!