Northern Kentucky Home Sales Rise Seven Percent in March!

Home sales in Northern Kentucky were strong in March – with a 7.45% increase in sales as compared to March 2016. Here are the statistics:

March 2017 vs March 2016

  • 7.45% Increase in home sales (620 homes vs 577 homes)
  • 7.81% Increase in average sale price ($175,734 vs $162,997)
  • 4.83% Increase median sale price ($149,900 vs $143,000)
  • 15.85% Increase in sales volume ($108,955,497 vs $94,049,825)

January – March 2017 vs January – March 2016

  • 9.81% Increase in home sales (1,410 homes vs 1,284 homes)
  • 3.91% Increase in average sale price ($167,578 vs $161,268)
  • 3.20% Increase median sale price ($144,950 vs $140,450)
  • 14.11% Increase in sales volume ($236,286,303 vs $207,069,255)

It’s a great time to sell and buy homes. Home values are rising and mortgage interest rates are still low.

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Statistics: Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors Home Sales Report, March 2017


Four Tips to Make Rooms in Your Home Seem Bigger

LivingRoom_NeutralColors.jpgOpen floor plans are popular among homebuyers, but traditionally homes were built with individual rooms that served specific purposes. However, with some affordable adjustments, you can make your house appear more spacious.

Knocking down walls can be expensive and time consuming. Luckily, though, you can open up your home a bit without a massive remodeling project. Doing so may help bring your home’s appearance in line with modern trends. This is especially helpful if you plan on selling your property soon. Real estate sales are often driven by a number of trends, and this year, spaciousness is among them.

There are a number of affordable ways to open up the rooms in your homes and create the illusion of larger spaces. Even a few small changes like switching out the drapes on your windows can make a huge difference by opening up rooms. If you don’t have an open floor plan, but would like to imitate one with more spacious rooms, read the tips below:

  1. Let the Light into the Windows
    Windows that aren’t blocked by heavy drapes or curtains make rooms seem bigger by letting in more natural light – the most attractive sort – and extending spaces. You can still hang thin curtains that aren’t completely opaque to achieve a similar effect. This way, it is possible to maintain a degree of privacy. You have windows, so use them to open up the rooms of your home!
  2. Match the Furniture Palette to the Paint
    Try finding at least a few pieces of furniture that match the color of the walls. This will blend couches, tables or chairs into the walls a bit, and make the room appear larger than it actually is. Maintaining unity in your palette is a great way to expand a space beyond its physical limits.
  3. Keep the Clutter Away
    When you’re staging a home, you typically hide items that you don’t use at least daily. To make a room seem bigger, you can take a similar approach. Keep plenty of efficient storage space in each room, and stow away most items around the house until you need them. Too much clutter can significantly change how a room appears, in terms of size.
  4. Make Room for Mirrors
    Mirrors serve a similar function to windows, minus the natural light. Similar to how a window creates the illusion of more space by expanding the room, a mirror’s reflection creates the impression of more space where there is none. Make sure that the mirror fits the theme of the room to ensure unity among various decorations and furniture.

Opening up your floor plan is expensive, but creating the illusion of more space is affordable and easy. Create an impression of spaciousness through mirrors and windows, cleaning consistently and thematic unity.

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La Soupe Visits Sibcy Cline Kenwood!

PippinBusamSibcy_Soupe.jpgThe La Soupe van visited the Sibcy Cline Kenwood office offering up their tasty soups, salads and desserts!

Photo: La Soupe volunteer, Maureen Pippin (Sibcy Cline Kenwood), Pam Sibcy (Sibcy Cline Corporate), Piper Warren and Stephanie Sudbrack-Busam (Sibcy Cline Kenwood.)

About La Soupe
La Soupe is a non-profit agency (founded by local chef Suzy DeYoung in 2014) that rescues food by converting it into soup which is then donated to people in need of sustenance. Donated ingredients are turned into fabulous-tasting soups, salads, frozen meals and desserts. The organization receives food and monetary donations from individuals and companies. Partnerships include Kroger, Jungle Jim’s, Sugar Creek, Chefs’ Warehouse, Farmer Family Foundation as well as many local organic farms.

Each month about 4,000 pounds of produce is collected and 60 volunteers help transport the food to local chefs for soup creation. Those soups (as well as fresh produce) are then taken to local churches and schools to be distributed to those who live in “food deserts” – without  easy access to healthy food.

The public also gets involved with La Soupe by purchasing their soups and salads. The Soupe Shack is located in at 4150 Round Bottom Road in Newtown. Follow La Soupe on Facebook so learn about their daily menus.

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Read more about La Soupe Cincinnati here, here, and here. Watch this video:


Sibcy Cline Mortgage Services has a New, Mobile-Friendly Web Site!

SCMortgageWebsite.pngSibcy Cline Mortgage Services has transformed its website with a new look that is also mobile optimized. The site looks very fresh and current. Here is what you will find:

Mortgage Calculators
Five easy-to-use calculators are featured on the site: How Much Can I Afford; Monthly Payment; FHA Monthly Payment; Refinance; and Rent vs. Own.

Built especially for Sibcy Cline, these calculators are some of the most comprehensive tools on the market providing not only just a principal and interest payment, but a full PITI (principal, interest, taxes and insurance) including mortgage insurance if the down payment is less than 20%.

The Rent vs. Own calculator includes average rate of return, inflation, opportunity costs and closing fees into its design and is updated to stay current. This is a great tool for current renters.


Shop Local
Sibcy Cline is all about being local and 100% of Sibcy Cline Mortgage Services’ loan process is local. The interactive regional map allows potential home buyers to easily find a loan officer in their own neighborhood who in turn will refer those buyer leads to our local Sibcy Cline agents.


Loan Product
Browsers on the site can learn all about the various loan products available from Sibcy Cline Mortgage Services. They can “like” the products of interest and opt to have more information emailed to them.


A Visit to the Cincinnati Fire Museum

FireMuseum_Visit.jpgSibcy Cline employees took their second-grade Adopt A Class from the Evanston Academy on a field trip to the Cincinnati Fire Museum. The children learned all about Cincinnati firefighting history and enjoyed lunch from – McDonald’s.

The children had been studying firefighting and firefighters in their classroom. This trip brought their lessons to life! (Did you know the first professionally paid firefighters originated in Cincinnati?)

The kids enjoyed historical items early firefighters used like leather water buckets, horse drawn carriages, lanterns and more. Adults and children were surprised to learn how big and heavy water hoses are.

And, guess what – they even got to slide down a real firefighter pole!

Have you visited the Cincinnati Fire Museum?

Sibcy Sings Group Makes Finals for CincySings for ArtsWave!

SibcySingsGroup_Best.jpgThe Sibcy Sings Group sang their hearts out on April 19, 2017 at the finals for CincySings 2017. The sing off – held at the Aronoff Center – featured 10 local companies who participated with some great music. The event was hosted by Drew Lachey who gave courage to all of the singers before they belted out their tunes to a full house.

Although our Sibcy group did not win (boo) – they are very excited already about next year. (Sibcy Cline is going to hold another competition and that winning team will participate in the CincySings sing off.) This was Sibcy Cline’s first year of participation in this sing off and we are very proud of our Sibcy Singers who made the finals. Who won? The Christ Hospital singers!

Sibcy Sings singers include from top photo (left to right): Sherry Lyn (Kenwood); Nick Hacker (Relocation); Dorothea Burke (Mortgage); Cindy Kopeny (Mortgage); Mary Hill (Mortgage); and Jessica Overley (Mortgage). A shout out to: Mark McDaniel (Mortgage) who helped sing in the try outs.

CincySings benefitted the local ArtsWave campaign.

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Watch the Sibcy Singers perform their song:

Local judge Bob Herzog (WKRC – Channel 12 anchorman) had a great time watching the performance. He tweeted:

Home Sales Increase for March in Dayton, Ohio!

Dayton_eveningMarch blew in with an early spring for Dayton, Ohio with home sales increasing by 13 percent for the month. Here are the statistics:

March 2017 vs March 2016

  • 13.33% Increase in home sales (1,301 sold homes vs 1,148 sold homes)
  • 18.81% Increase in sales volume ($194,785,740 vs $163,941,377)
  • 4.88% Increase in median sale price ($130,000 vs $123,950)
  • 4.11% Increase in average sale price ($149,720 vs $143,808)

January – March 2017 vs January – March 2016

  • 6.98% Increase in home sales (3,020 sold homes vs 2,823 sold homes)
  • 17.63% Increase in sales volume ($436,996,761 vs $371,495,995)
  • 12.23% Increase in median sale price ($126,825 vs $113,000)
  • 9.02% Increase in average sale price ($144,701 vs $132,725)

Look at homes for sale.

Statistics courtesy of: Dayton Area Board of Realtors Home Sales Report March 2017