Ideas to Inspire Your Home Office

This past year you may have been spending many working hours at home. How is that home office situation looking? If it involves placing your laptop on the kitchen table, please read below for ideas on how to make your home office space into something better.

Note: Having two separate works spaces in your home is considered a positive selling feature. Home buyers are looking for space for two work-at-home scenarios and/or at-home school learning.

Office Location in Your Home

Depending upon how large your home is and how rooms are utilized, your office location can vary. If you have a dedicated study or home office, that room is the obvious solution. This allows you to work all day and then close the door and move into “home life”.

If a formal study does not exist, you will need to carve out home work space elsewhere. A guest bedroom could be a solution. Perhaps dedicate one wall in that room to your work space. Or, if there is a large closet available, consider reconfiguring it into your office space. If your home has a loft, that space could be perfect for an office. A finished lower level also might offer the solution for your desk and office space.

The dining room is a popular room for a home-office space. These rooms often lack doors. But, if need be, this may be your solution – on a temporary basis.

Many kitchens have desk spaces for handling bills and home paper work. Although this room may be too noisy for your day-to-day work space, it could be the right space if it is in a quiet setting.

The garage – believe it or not – can be used for office space, especially if it is attached to the home and has heat and air. One downside to using this type of space is that your car may have to be parked elsewhere.

“She Sheds” and “Man Caves” have become very popular, If you have one that is suitable with electric, heating and air, this could be the perfect space for that home office.

Office Chair
When sitting all day, you need a good chair, preferably one that is ergonomically correct. These type of chairs will support your back, neck and legs.

Stand Up!
Some people prefer the option of standing when working to take pressure off of a sore back. An ergonomic, standing desk rises and allows you to stand in comfort.

Natural light is best for a comfortable work area. If you can, place your desk area near a window. Additionally, floor and desk lamps can add even more light to your space.

Take a Break Area
It’s always a good idea to walk away from your desk to stretch and think things out. Perhaps a comfortable chair or couch would be a good place to read and think.

If you have a dedicated space for your home office, then home decor will be important. Depending upon your taste and style, you could have something “traditional”, minimalist or vintage chic. Look here for some inspirational ideas on how to decorate.

More Inspiration
Here are photos of home offices from a few Sibcy Cline agents:

Jenny Howard Sibcy Cline Lebanon

Jenny Howard (an agent with Sibcy Cline’s Lebanon office) has a home office that has been recently updated. She removed two layers of wallpaper that dated back to 1917. Jenny’s Arts and Crafts style desk creates a calm, uncluttered look and is the perfect place for her to work. The Edison-style table lamp adds interest. Jenny reports this room is still a work in progress, but it looks like it is already a perfect place to pull together real estate deals!

Jill Fritz Sibcy Cline West Chester

Jill R. Fritz (a Sibcy Cline West Chester real estate agent) owns a work desk that means the world to her. It was built by her grandfather and used in his law office. (Jill’s father has a second desk.) As you can see, her office is ready for real estate business. The room has character – from the old-style phone to the desk lamp. Jill has not completed her redesign of her home office yet, but one thing is for sure, her well-loved desk will be part of her daily work routine for years to come.

Lisa Holt is an award-winning interior designer and posts many “how to” YouTube videos. Here is one on IKEA home-office hacks:

Sibcy Cline Employee Spotlight: Katy Nelson

“I love going into homes and finding potential for a work of art.”
Katy Nelson
  • Name: Katy Nelson
  • Title: Photographer/Videographer/Drone Pilot
  • Hometown: Anderson
  • Current home: Milford
  • Proudest career accomplishment: One of the first licensed drone pilots in the U.S.
  • Favorite local hangouts: Plainfolk Café in Pleasant Plain and Cincinnati Nature Center

Bringing a keen aesthetic sense and a compassionate sensitivity to the Sibcy photo/video team, Katy Nelson is a photographer/videographer/drone pilot who considers the work she does a “dream job.”

“I love going into homes and finding potential for a work of art,” Katy says.

A graduate of Wright State University with a degree in fine arts, Katy focused on pursuing sculpture as her art and was the Student Sculpture Technician for WSU, assisting with photography and maintaining the tools/facilities. After her graduation in 2009, she taught at the Dayton Art Institute until her interest and experience in photography led her to a job in the photo/video department of Sibcy Cline in 2010—and she’s never looked back.

“I’ve always been inspired by place and a sense of home,” says Katy. In her work using photo and video, Katy loves to find the ways that she can create a work of art using client’s homes as the subject.

“My mom was in real estate and I always loved looking at magazines like Architectural Digest which feature homes,” says Katy.

Another thing that is rewarding to Katy in her work is the technology that is constantly evolving. “It’s not stagnant,” she says, “and I’ve been excited to be a part of the adaptation of new tools that allow us to do more for our clients.” One of those new tools has been the recent use of drones to create aerial videos of the exteriors of homes. “I was really excited to be one of the first licensed drone pilots in the country,” says Katy.

Having grown up in Anderson and now making her home as a resident of Miami Township near Milford, Katy loves more about her job than just taking photos and videos. “I love working in this region,” she says.

In her off-time, Katy spends time enjoying the outdoors near her home as well as painting colorful nature scenes from her favorite travel spots, the national parks. “It’s our goal as a family to travel to as many national parks as we can,” says Katy. Together with her boyfriend and her daughter, Katy has been to 10 national parks. “But I still call Ohio home!” she says.

November Home Sales Report

November home sales report

Home sales increased for all regions in November. In Greater Cincinnati, the area had the most home sales of any November on record. In Northern Kentucky, sales rose by 20% and in Dayton they increased by almost 19%.

Mortgage rates are low. Home values are high. It’s a great time to list your home for sale and for buyers to find their dream home.

Here is a report by region of homes sales throughout November 2020:


November 2020 vs November 2019

  • 13.22% Increase in homes sold (2,167 homes vs 1,914 homes)
  • 11.02% Increase in average sale price ($251,501 vs $226,546)
  • 17.84% Increase in median sale price ($215,000 vs $182,450
  • 25.69% Increase in gross sales volume ($545,002,032 vs $443,609,220)

January–November 2020 vs January–November 2019

  • 1.88% Increase in homes sold (24,348 homes vs 23,898 homes)
  • 9.24% Increase in average sale price ($246,927 vs $226,041)
  • 11.93% Increase in median sale price ($205,950 vs $184,000)
  • 11.30% Increase in gross sales volume ($6,012,183,077 vs $5,401,928,888)

Statistics courtesy of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors November 2020 Home Sales Report


November 2020 vs November 2019

  • 18.97% Increase in homes sold (1,405 homes vs 1,181 homes)
  • 10% Increase in average sale price ($198,977 vs $180,881)
  • 12.90% Increase in median sale price ($198,977 vs $180,881)
  • 30.87% Increase in gross sales volume ($279,562,150 vs $213,619,991)

January–November 2020 vs January–November 2019

  • 3.42% Increase in homes sold 15,787 homes vs 15,265 homes)
  • 10.91% Increase in average sale price ($196,644 vs $177,296)
  • 11.05% Increase in median sale price ($169,900 vs $153,000)
  • 14.71% Increase in sales volume ($3,104,416,420 vs $2,706,425,382)

Statistics courtesy of Dayton Realtors November 2020 Home Sales Report


November 2020 vs November 2019

  • 20.70% Increase in homes sold (659 homes vs 546 homes)
  • 18.06% Increase in average sale price ($241,216 vs $204,323)
  • 23.61% Increase in median sale price ($216,309 vs $175,000)
  • 42.49% Increase in sales volume ($158,961,420 vs $111,560,662)

January–November 2020 vs January–November 2019

  • 5.26% Increase in homes sold (7,098 homes vs 6,743 homes)
  • 10.39% Increase in average sale price ($228,376 vs $206,886)
  • 13.07% Increase in median sale price ($201,257 vs $178,000)
  • 16.20% Increase in sales volume ($1,621,016,065 vs $1,295,035,283)

Statistics courtesy of Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors November 2020 Home Sales Report

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Why You Should Sell Your Home This Winter

House key winter sell your home in winter

While many people understandably shy away from the housing market during late fall and winter, this actually may be a great time for you to sell your home.  In fact, Lawrence Yun, chief economist at the National Association of Realtors, predicts “…it will be one of the best winter sales years ever.” Here is why:

Low Supply of Homes and Low Rates
With today’s real estate market and so many buyers wanting to purchase homes (as compared with historical norms), and a relatively small number of homes for sale, you could find selling your home in late fall and winter to be the perfect time to sell. Low mortgage rates have given home buyers more purchasing power and empowered them to buy now.

Pandemic Lockdowns
With the spring 2020 real estate market being affected by COVID-19, many potential home buyers delayed their purchases and have created a pent-up demand. The purchase season has extended from spring into winter. Their home search is happening now! 

Serious Home Buyers
People are usually busy this time of year, so if they take the time to see your home, they are probably considering purchasing it. With less competition of homes on the market this time of year, your home could catch the eye of that serious home buyer.

Relocating Buyers
January is the popular month for people relocating to a new area to begin their jobs and they typically need to purchase a home in  November and December. They will have a short time to find their next home – and it could be yours that they want to buy.

Move After the Holidays
If you sell in late Novermber or December, you will probably will not have to move until after the holidays in late winter or early spring.

Helpful Hint about Holiday Decor
If you decorate for the holidays, hold back on pulling everything out from the attic or basement. Remember, people want to see your home – not your holiday decor.

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Local (and Socially Distanced) Events for Winter 2021

It’s wintertime. Be sure to get out of the house and enjoy one of these fun, local things to do in a socially distanced manner. Events are in order by date and cover the Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana regions. (Check events first before attending to make sure there are no cancellations.)

Lawrenceburg Winter Wonderland Ice Skating
Through January 3, 2021
Todd Creech Park at 305 W. Tate Street, Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Have fun ice skating!

Fountain Square Ice Rink
Through February 15, 2021
Fifth and Vine Streets, Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio
Reservations required

Riverscape Ice Skating
Through March 1, 2021
Downtown Dayton, Ohio
Outdoor ice rank at Riverscape MetroPark

Antique Show and Flea Market
January 16–17, 2021
Clark County Fairgrounds at 4401 S. Charleston Pike, Springfield, Ohio
Find a treasure!

Greater Cincinnati Remodeling Expo
January 22–24 and 29–31, 2021
Sharonville Convention Center at 11355 Chester Road, Sharonville (Cincinnati), OhioLearn about all kinds of home projects

Beethoven 8 and Florence Price Live Stream
January 23, 2021
Live Streamed performance
Enjoy the music from the Dayton Philharmonic and violinist Florence Price online!

Bridalrama Winter 2021
January 30–31, 2021
Duke Energy Convention Center at 525 Elm Street, downtown Cincinnati, Ohio

The Price is Right Live
January 31, 2021
Schuster Center, Dayton, Ohio
Interactive stage show — win prizes!

February 11–14, 2021
Music Hall, Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati Ballet

Dance and Romance
February 12–13, 2021
Victoria Theatre, Dayton, Ohio
Live duet performances by the Dayton Ballet

Now and Then
February 18 – March 7, 2021 (various dates)
The Loft Theatre at 126 N. Main St., Dayton, Ohio
Romantic comedy by The Human Race Theatre

Beethoven 8
February 20–21, 2021
Schuster Center, Dayton, Ohio
Dayton Philharmonic with violinist Florence Price

Party Place Bridal Expo
February 27, 2021
RomWeber Marketplace at 7 Southeastern Ave., Batesville, Indiana
Here comes the bride!

Don Giovanni Live Stream
February 27, 2021
Schuster Center, Dayton, Ohio
Dayton opera online performance

61st Annual O’Reilly Auto Parts Cavalcade of Customs
March 12–14, 2021
Duke Energy Convention Center at 525 Elm Street, downtown Cincinnati, Ohio
Look at really cool rides!

Wendy’s Bridal Show
March 13–14, 2021
Duke Energy Convention Center at 525 Elm Street, downtown Cincinnati, Ohio

Pandemic-Triggered Home Trends

The pandemic of 2020 has changed a lot of things and the housing market is no exception. Perhaps no one predicted that lockdowns, stay-at-home orders and a record number of employees working from home would cause a surge in buying and selling homes, but it has.

Along with this surge has come a change in the reasons why sellers list their homes as well as new trends for what buyers want in a home. Recently, Sibcy Cline President Robin S. Sheakley spoke to the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber’s journal REALM to share some of her insights into the changes happening across the region. Here are some of her observations.

Staying at home forced people to take a good look at the space they live in.

“When the governor issued stay-at-home orders, you saw people really taking stock of their housing and understanding that if they’re going to be locked inside they want different things for their homes,” Robin told REALM, “People were realizing their houses were too big, too small, too urban, too rural, perhaps too open, perhaps too choppy.”

Home improvement efforts triggered a desire for something new.

“We saw a huge trend in home repair and home improvement, and then a lot of people started realizing I’m ready for something different,” Robin said.

The way people shop for homes has shifted drastically.

“There are plenty of stories of homes that were bought without people ever physically going in them, but purchased virtually,” she said. “With the amount of drone photography and videography now, there are all sorts of ways to get a really great sense of a property without standing there yourself.”

In addition to why people move and how they shop for homes, Robin noted a few trends in what buyers are looking for in homes. Here are the top trends she’s noticed:

Spa-like Bathrooms

The need for stress relief is greater than ever, so people are shopping for bathrooms that offer some space for retreat and relaxation.

Home Offices

In the era of working from home and online schooling, homeowners are in need of more space to separate and focus. “We’ve seen people converting bedrooms to offices a lot,” she said.

Outdoor Entertaining Space

The need for social distancing in well-ventilated spaces has increased the desire for more space to gather outside. “People want to be outside. They’re looking to be able to cook, serve, and entertain outdoors,” Robin said.


Some homeowners spent time during the pandemic assessing their space needs and concluded that they need less space, not more. Some want to reduce the time and money they spend maintaining a large home. “There are many people who spent the past nine months looking around asking, Why do I have so much space?” she said.

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How to Winterize Your Home

Winter is right around the corner and it’s time to get your home ready for those upcoming cold months. Here are some tips to winterize your home:

Caulk, Use Window Film and Weather Stripping
Use caulk to fill in gaps in windows, doors and siding. You can purchase plastic film kits to insulate windows. Weatherstripping will also help in keeping  windows insulated. Use threshold strips to keep air leaks at bay at the bottom of doors. Here is more information on how to caulk and weatherstrip windows.

Heating System
Change the filter for the heating system often. Dirty filters restrict airflow. It is also a good idea to schedule a maintenance check up for the heater. The heating professional will clean, tune up and inspect the system.

If you do not already own one, a programmable thermostat is a great way to easily set temperatures for when you are home or are out. You can customize the settings so the heat is not running full force when you do not need it.

Chimney Check
The chimney can be the largest source of energy loss. A chimney balloon can prevent drafts and costs around $50. Be sure to close the damper when the fireplace is not being used.

Animal nests or buildup in your fireplace can be a hazard. An annual inspection before building a fire is a very good idea. Having a chimney sweep clean the chimney will alleviate having debris that could cause a fire.

Ceiling fanCeiling Fans in Reverse
In winter the rotation of the fan blades should be clockwise to push hot air towards the floor.

If there are large gaps at the bottom of exterior doors, use a rolled-up towel or throw rug to close these gaps. Or you can use a draft snake – you can make one if you’re into DIY!

Gutters need to be cleaned out to avoid icicles from forming and water damage from occurring.

Wrap or insulate exposed pipes in any unheated areas in the home. Pre-slit pipe foam is available at most hardware stores.

Let the Sunshine In
During the day, open up curtains and blinds of south-facing windows to allow the sun in. Close them up when it is dark outside to keep the heat in.

Air Conditioning Unit
Remove any outdoor window-unit air conditioners during the colder months. For central air units, remove all debris such as leaves and bushes. You can also cover the unit with a piece of wood large enough to cover the top.

Check to see if there are any shingles that need to be repaired or replaced. Roof vents should also be checked for holes or cracks. Leaves and other debris should be removed from gutters.

Unused Rooms?
Close off rooms and vents in rooms that are not used.

Outdoor Spigots
Turn off exterior water spigots. You can also cover spigots to avoid freezing water.

Storm Doors and Windows
If you have storm doors and windows – install them. A storm door can increase energy efficiency by 45%.

Lawn and Patio Furniture
If space is available, it is best to stow patio furniture especially if it is made of wood. Aluminum furniture is more durable and can be left outside.

Vacant Home?
Learn more about winterizing a vacant home here.

Home Energy Audit
Finally, consider a free energy assessment that is available from Duke Energy. You may find more ways to winterize and save money!

Need help with your winterization? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services.

Home Features that Buyers Want

laundry room

With more time spent at home this year, you have probably heard the whirl and roar of power tools in action throughout your neighborhood. Google reports that “home-improvement” searches have increased by almost 50 percent during 2020. Thinking of making improvements to your home? Spend your money wisely. It is always a good idea to consider re-sale value with home projects. Read below what features home buyers desire the most:

Laundry Rooms
A separate laundry room tops the National Association of Home Builders’ (NAHB) list of wanted features. If you lack a first-floor space for a laundry room, the lower level (or basement) is the place for this room. Many times all of the utility lines are already in place in the basement. And, if there is unfinished space, there will be no costs to demolish. A basement laundry room will probably start around $1,000. If you plan on installing the washer and dryer on an upper floor, the costs start around $10,000.

Efficient Windows and Appliances
Energy-Star rated windows and appliances are what home buyers want to keep utility costs down. Efficient windows can lower costs by 12 percent. Appliances can save owners even more. For example, an efficient washing machine can save $45 a year. If you replace your windows or appliances now you will personally benefit from these savings!

Patio or Deck (Outdoor Spaces)
Creating more living space outdoors is a must when luring potential home buyers. Everything from a large patio, fire pit to an outdoor kitchen – buyers will be drawn to these details at your home. (Deck construction has risen by 275% in the U.S. in 2020)

Ceiling Fans
Per NAHB, 85% of home buyers desire ceiling fans. These devices help lower cooling costs during warmer months. Fans are recommended for ceilings at least eight-feet tall and work best when hung 10–12 inches from the ceiling.

Garage Storage
Maintain the clutter in your garage. By adding storage units and shelves you will make your home even more inviting to buyers. Think about adding racks to store bicycles, rakes and shovels. You will revel in how organized you are! (And so will buyers when it’s time to sell.)

Outside Lighting
Exterior lighting is what adds ambiance to your home. Think spotlights, walkway lights and pendant lighting. It will be a joy to come home in the evening and your neighbors will admire the lighting, too!

Walk-In Pantry
A large pantry allows you to store canned goods and other essentials near kitchen food-prep areas. Pantries should be located in a cool and dry area. The most common size for a pantry is 5’x5′.

Hardwood Floors
Hardwood floors are easy to maintain and are more durable than carpet. They create a clean look for your home and are a very desirable item by home buyers.

Master Bedroom Walk-In Closet
A walk-in closet ranks among the top five features for home buyers. Older homes usually have the most challenges with this type of closet space. If your home does not have a large closet, think about either adding a closet to the room, reconfigure an existing closet or convert a spare bedroom into closet space.

Eat-in Kitchen
Eat-in style kitchens are desired by those who want to gather together for breakfast or an evening meal. To create space for a table and chairs, you may need to knock out a wall. If that is not an option, consider adding bar stools at a kitchen island.

Double Kitchen Sink
Buyers want a sink divided for washing and food prep! This is a relatively easy project to accomplish.

Updated Kitchen and Baths
If you are going to update a few things in your home consider your kitchen and bathrooms. The kitchen is now considered to be the “hang out” room. Make it as large and open as possible. And, remember, home buyers still want stainless-steel appliances. Updated bathrooms will definitely draw the attention of potential buyers. Need some inspiration? Go here and look at some awesome kitchens and baths. On a a budget? Read about these budget-friendly updates for these rooms.

Home Office
More people are now working from their homes. Having a flexible space like a home office will be appealing when it comes time to sell. If there is no room in your home for a formal office, consider creating a hide-away office that is part of a spare bedroom or located in a closet.

Need help with your home project? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can put you in touch with an experienced local, vetted vendor!

Ideas for a Warmer Bathroom This Winter

towel warmer

Cold tiles on the bathroom floor make winter mornings feel even colder. From simple inexpensive changes and additions to more luxurious options, here are a few ideas to warm up the tiles and get winter mornings off to a better start.

  1. Use Your Windows
    Heating a room can be as simple as letting the sun in through your windows. If they’re situated on the right side of the house, the natural light that comes through during the day can warm up the room. Also, check the windows for any cracks or spaces. Warm air often escapes through these gaps and fissures, while cooler air is allowed in. Even worse, these cracks often go unnoticed. Taking care of them can go a long way toward ensuring your other heating systems are more efficient.
  2. Add a Cozy Rug
    Traditional bath mats are practical, but the quickest and perhaps least expensive way to avoid the cold tile floor is to add a cozy rug to your bathroom. You can pick one of these up from your local home accessory or bed and bath store. Remember to think ‘outside the bathroom’ and instead of choosing the typical shag bath rug, choose an area rug that adds design or additional color to your space. Your bathroom will instantly look like it’s had a face lift, and when you step into your bathroom on a cold winter morning, your feet will thank you.
  3.  Add a Towel Warmer
    Get your towels toasty with a heated towel warmer. Inexpensive, stand-alone models can be purchased on Amazon or at local home stores. If wall space permits, heated towel bars can be permanently installed. Heated towels are the perfect way to wrap up when you step out of the shower or tub.
  4. Add a Heat Lamp
    A heat lamp is an efficient way to keep the bathroom warm for quick periods of time. If you’re going to be spending some time in front of the mirror, for example, a heat lamp can keep you warm while you’re washing up, doing your hair or putting on makeup.
  5. Consider Adding Radiant Floor Heating
    One of the most luxurious things you can do to make your bathroom toasty in chilly weather is invest in radiant-heat flooring. Hot-water radiant floors cost more to install than other heating systems – between $6 and $15 per square foot – but there is little comparison when it comes to the comfort they bring. To install this heating system, your best bet is to hire a heat contractor, since you will be hard-pressed to find all the required components in one place.

By using one or more of these ideas, your bathroom will be both comfortable and warm all winter long.

Need help with your bathroom’s improvements? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services. They can put you in touch with local service professionals.

Local Home Sales Report: October 2020 – a Strong Sales Month!

October 2020 Home Sales Report

Home sales increased for all regions in October. In Greater Cincinnati, the area had the most home sales of any October on record. In Northern Kentucky, sales rose by almost 19% and in Dayton they increased by 14%.

Mortgage rates are low. Home values are high. It’s a great time to list your home for sale and for buyers to find their dream home.

Here is a report by region of homes sales throughout October 2020:


October 2020 vs  October 2019

  • 13.14% Increase in homes sold (2,558 homes vs 2,261 homes)
  • 15.96% Increase in average sale price ($257,109 vs $221,720)
  • 18.99% Increase in median sale price ($213,000 vs $179,000)
  • 31.19% Increase in gross sales volume ($657,684,046 vs $501,309,010)

January–October 2020 vs January–October 2019

  • .78% Increase in homes sold (22,155 homes vs 21,984 homes)
  • 9.07% Increase in average sale price ($246,490 vs $225,997)
  • 11.41% Increase in median sale price ($205,000 vs $184,000)
  • 9.92% Increase in gross sales volume ($5,460,996,226 vs $4,968,319,668)

Statistics courtesy of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors October 2020 Home Sales Report


October 2020 vs October 2019

  • 14.26% Increase in homes sold (1,651 homes vs 1,445 homes)
  • 15.47% Increase in average sale price ($206,007 vs $178,412)
  • 19.93% Increase in median sale price ($179,900 vs $150,000)
  • 31.93% Increase in gross sales volume ($340,117,884 vs $257,805,736)

January–October 2020 vs January–October 2019

  • 2.14% Increase in homes sold (14,349 homes vs 14,048 homes)
  • 10.92% Increase in average sale price ($196,415 vs $177,081)
  • 11.12% Increase in median sale price ($169,900 vs $152,900)
  • 13.29% Increase in sales volume ($2,818,351,913 vs $2,487,636,851)

Statistics courtesy of Dayton Realtors October 2020 Home Sales Report


October 2020 vs October 2019

  • 18.91% Increase in homes sold (761 homes vs 640 homes)
  • 9.90% Increase in average sale price ($235,200 vs $214,016)
  • 13.57% Increase in median sale price ($210,000 vs $184,900)
  • 30.68% Increase in sales volume ($178,987,272 vs $136,970,453)

January–October 2020 vs January–October 2019

  • 3.32% Increase in homes sold (6,403 homes vs 6,196 homes)
  • 9.58% Increase in average sale price ($226,957 vs $207,112)
  • 12.36% Increase in median sale price ($200,000 vs $178,000)
  • 13.22% Increase in sales volume ($1,453,208,585 vs $1,283,474,621)

Statistics courtesy of Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors October 2020 Home Sales Report

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