Seven Tips to Keep your Kitchen Sanitary

Being sanitary is on everyone’s mind with the risks of COVID-19. Your kitchen is a great place to start when it comes to being clean. Here are seven tips on how to be clean and sanitary in your kitchen:

Touchless faucets function without having to turn a knob is definitely the way to go. These type of devices allow you to wave your hands under the nozzle to start water flow. Motion-sensitive, touchless faucets come in a variety of styles.

Consider an enclosed garbage bin to be sanitary. Many people opt for a pull-out cabinet with the garbage bin hidden inside. This will lessen the amount of germs roaming in your kitchen. (If your kitchen space does not have room for this type of storage, use a step-on container that allows you to open it without using your hands.)

If you are updating your kitchen, think about using materials that are easy to clean. Stainless-steel appliances will not stain from food or drink spills. They are also easy to clean since they are a smooth surface. A tiled backsplash is easy to clean and maintain. Granite and quartz counters are also quite easy to clean. Most household cleaners are safe to use. Marble counters require soap and water for cleaning followed an alcohol-based disinfectant. A wood counter is more of a challenge. Use a hydrogen-peroxide based cleaner to kill germs without damaging the wood. Leave the solution on the wood and then wipe with a damp cloth and use a dry cloth to dry.

If you use sponges, keep many on hand and sanitize or replace them often. Wet sponges (or towels) are magnets for germs. (Place sponges in a microwave for 2.5 minutes to decontaminate.)

Keep separate cutting boards for meat and others for fruit and vegetables. This will eliminate cross-contamination of germs. Sanitize often. Store separately.

Counters, islands, floors, sinks, stove, microwave, refrigerator, drawer pulls – these are many places for germs to lurk in a kitchen. Have a consistent cleaning routine to kill germs. Using a wet paper towel on a surface is good for cleaning only – it is not the same as sanitizing to get rid of germs. Once your countertop is sanitized, dry it with a clean cloth or paper towel.

The dishwasher is a great appliance to use to clean and sanitize utensils, cups, plates and other items. If you do not have a dishwasher, you will need to use soapy water and a sanitizing solution.

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Four Tips When Buying a Home this Fall 2020

If you are looking to purchase a home during the fall season, it’s always best to consult with your real estate agent for advise on the best ways to maximize negotiating power. In today’s real estate market, bidding wars can be common despite the usual seasonal slowdown in real estate sales activity in autumn. Here are four tips:

(1) Be Financially Prepared
Home buyers need to understand the current status of the real estate market and how fast-paced it is currently. Someone with a low credit score or the inability to make a down payment may find it more difficult become pre-approved for a mortgage. Additionally, understanding the current market main mean making a fast decision for an offer to purchase a home.

(2) Is this the Right Home in the Right Place at the Right Price?
Sometimes would-be buyers are all too eager to make a home purchase without actually considering the condition of that local market. They are willing to make too many compromises on what they’re looking for just in hopes of buying sooner than later. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with that approach, but it’s important for buyers to think about whether their new homes fit their long-term living plans.

Buyers should seek advice from their agents about local market shifts and trends to make better informed decisions as well as consider how long to plan on owning that home before thinking of moving again.

(3) Strike When It’s Wise
Home buyers should keep in mind why autumn is such a buyer-friendly season in the first place. While competition is still considerable because of existing market conditions, the number of people looking at homes does decrease, making purchasing a home a bit easier. Sellers who have had their homes on the market since the start of spring may be more motivated to make a deal than they were in the summer.

(4) Touring Homes
With COVID-19, touring homes for sale has different rules. Masks will be required and you will not be permitted to touch things in the home. There may also be restrictions about how many people are permitted as part of your tour due to social distancing. Be mindful that the houses you view are the living spaces of people who want to stay safe.

Look at homes for sale here.

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Painting Tips and Types of Paint Finishes for Your Home

Is the paint on the walls in your home looking a little worse for wear? If rooms in your home need to be refreshed with a new coat of paint, here are some tips to read before picking up that paint brush:


  1. Wait for dry weather when it is not as humid. Humidity can affect how paints adheres.
  2. Remove light switches and outlet covers. 
  3. Clean walls and trim areas. Dirty and oily surfaces will easily chip and peel.
  4. Use drop clothes. Cotton or canvas drop clothes are preferable over plastic ones. Canvas clothes stay in place. Plastic tends to be slippery and will not stay in place. (Be careful with canvas on wood floors – they can slide.)
  5. Repair and prime before painting. After patching holes or imperfections in a wall, you need to prime that wall to avoid having a bumpy texture. The primer will also eliminate something called “flashing” which is a color difference between a wall and a patched area. Lastly, priming does not allow the paint to sink in and look dull.
  6. It is a best practice to paint the trim areas first, then the ceiling and walls. It’s easier to tape off the trim areas rather than walls.
  7. Use painter’s tape and tape off areas that you do not want painted. Once your paint is completely dry, you can easily pull it off the trim or parts of the walls. Use a utility knife to slice through the film formed between the wall and the tape. Pull the tape back at a 45-degree angle.
  8. Have good equipment and quality paint. You will be happier with your results.
  9. To avoid stripe marks when painting, you need to have even layers of paint that has not dried. Keep a “wet edge” so each stroke overlaps the previous stroke before that paint dries. When painting, roll the full height of the wall and move over slightly with each stroke. Keep the roller at least half loaded with paint.
  10. Wear old clothes when painting – splatters happen!

Different paint finishes are good for different purposes. Here is a guide to help you select the correct type of paint for your home project:

High Gloss – Durable and easy to clean, this is a great type of paint for trim, doors and cabinets. This is not a great choice for interior walls. Be sure to prep well as this finish shows every flaw.  This is a very durable type of paint.

Semi Gloss – This is a perfect type of paint for kitchens, baths, chair rails and trim because it is durable.

Satin – This type of paint is easy to clean and is good for high-traffic areas such as family rooms, foyers and kids’ bedrooms. It is a durable paint.

Eggshell – This is a no-shine paint finish that is akin in luster to a chicken’s egg. This type of paint is best for walls that are not perfect. It is good in rooms that will be not be scuffed such as the dining or living room. It has a medium durability.

Flat (Matte) – Flat or matte paint hides flaws in walls since it does not reflect light. This type of paint is difficult to clean without removing paint off the wall. This is best used in adult bedrooms or rooms that will not have walls touched. It has medium-low durability.

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2020 Local Pumpkin Patches and Fall Festivals – Socially Distanced Style

Visit a local farm and pumpkin patch in Greater Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky, Southeastern Indian, Dayton and Springfield, Ohio. Make your way through a corn maze or enjoy a local fall festival. Protocols are in place for social distancing this year. Here’s our list of places to visit:

Cincinnati, Ohio Pumpkin Patches and Festivals

A & M Farms
22141 SR 251, Midland, Ohio (north of Fayettesville)
Pick your own apples and pumpkins.

Barn-n-Bunk Fall Festival Weekends
September 26 – October 25, 22020 (Saturdays and Sundays)
3677 Wayne-Madison Rd., Trenton, Ohio
Food, pumpkin picking and activities

Bergefurds Farm Market and Greenhouses
Labor Day through November, 2020
234 West ST 350, Wilmington, Ohio
Corn maze, pumpkin patch, hay rides and more

Blooms and Berries Farm Market
September 19 – November 1, 2020
9669 South SR 48, Loveland, Ohio
Fall on the Farm Fall Festival: Hayrides, corn maze, farm animal and more. Online reservations required.

Brown’s Family Farm Market
September 19 – October 25, 2020 (Weekends)
11620 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton, Ohio
Hayrides to the pumpkin patch, pick a pre-picked pumpkin, corn maze, farm animals

Burger Farm Fall Festival
September 26 – October 25, 2020 (Weekends) 
Burger Farm and Garden Center at 7849 Main Street, Newtown, Ohio
Animated pumpkin land, puppet show, farm animals, pony rides, carnival rides and more

Burwinkel Farms Fall Extravaganza
Dates to be announced for 2020 

4410 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45013
Weekend hayrides. Enjoy the pumpkin patch, corn mazes, straw tunnel and more!

Country Applefest
September 26–27, 2020
Warren County Fairgrounds at 665 N Broadway Street in Lebanon, Ohio
Apples, fun and more!

Fall Family Fun Weekends
September 19 – October 25, 2020 (Weekends)
Brown’s Family Farm Market at 11620 Hamilton Cleves Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45013
Hay rides, corn maze, straw maze, animals and more!

Fall Fest Weekend
October 24–25, 2020
Washington Park in Over-the-Rhine
Family-friendly activities

Fall Festival
October 3, 2020
Along Wyoming Avenue, Wyoming, Ohio
Crafts, food, art and more!

Fall Fest Weekend
October 24–25, 2020
Washington Park, Over-the-Rhine, Cincinnati, Ohio
Entertainment, vendors and more

Fall Food Fest
October 16–18, 2020
Findlay Market
Between W. Elder Street, Elm Street  and Essen Strasse in Over-the-Rhine
Enjoy food, drink, music, a kid’s scavenger hunt and pumpkin painting

Forgotten Way Farm
Starts September 12, 2020
4675 Eckmansville Raoad, Winchester, Ohio (Adams County)
Corn maze, hay rides, petting zoo, pumpkins

Garver Farm
Saturdays/Sundays: September 12 – October 31, 2020 (Closed on Oct 24)
6716 Hamilton Lebanon Road, Middletown, Ohio
Pick your pumpkin
Night walks with Glowsticks in the evening

The Great Pumpkin Fest
October 10, 2020
Keehner Park at 7211 Barret Road, West Chester, Ohio
Puppet show, costume contest, not-so-scary haunted trail, wagon rides and more

October 17–28 and 24-25, 2020 (Weekends)
3400 Vine Street, Cincinnati, Ohio 45220
Trick or treat stations, special animals to meet, beauty shop of horror and more! Wear your costume if you like! Advance reservations required.

Harvest Moon Festival
October 10, 2020
Swaim Park at 7650 Cooper Road, Montgomery, Ohio
Hayrides, pumpkins and more!

Hidden Valley Orchards Festivals
September 12–13, 2020: All About Apples Weekend
September 19–20, 2020: Caramel Apple Weekend
September 26, 2020: HVOktober Fete

October 2–4, 2020: Pumpkin Celebration Weekend
October 17–18, 2020, 2019: Harvest Fete
October 24–25, 2020: Pumpkin Pie Weekend
October 30, 2020: Crate Room Costume Party
October 31, 2020: Halloween

5474 North State Route 48, Lebanon, Ohio

Jack O’Lantern Junction
September 19 – October 31, 2020 (Closed on Wednesdays)
EnterTRAINment Junction
7379 Squire Court in West Chester
Trick or treat maze, kid-friendly ghosts and indoor pumpkin patch

Jackson Family Farm
September 27, October 3–4, 10–11, 17–18 and 24–25, 2020
6760 West Alexandria Road, Middletown, Ohio
Fall on the Farm: pumpkin patch, corn maze, hay rides, petting zoo

Haunted Village
October 9, 10, 16, 16 23 and 24, 2020 –  confirm before going
Sharon Woods Park
11450 Lebanon Road, Sharonville, Ohio 45241
Take a wagon ride through the village or wall – if you dare! Dress in costume and trick or treat. Fun and games.

Iron’s Fruit Farm
September 26–October 25, 2020 (Weekends)
1640 Stubbs Mill Road in Lebanon, Ohio
Enjoy a corn maze, pumpkin patch and more!

Minges and Weber Family Pumpkin Festival
Cancelled for 2020
6007 Kilby Road in Harrison, Ohio
Learn about agriculture and enjoy pumpkins.

Niederman Family Farm Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch
September 25 – October 31, 2020
4972 Lesourdsville West Chester Road, Hamilton, Ohio 45011
Corn maze, pumpkin patch, hayride, kids play area and more!

Operation Pumpkin
October 8–10, 2020
101 High St., #1, Hamilton, Ohio 45011
There will be a lot of food and drink booths for this event along with live music, activities and crafts and a pet parade

Pioneer Village Harvest Festival
October 17–18, 2020
3999 Pioneer Village Road in Waynesville, Ohio
Learn how the pioneers prepare for winter.

Schwab Family Farm Market Fall Fling
No decision about festival as of 9/7/2020.
3967 Oxford-Reily Road at Oxford, Ohio
Enjoy fall at the farm!

Shaw’s Pumpkin Times
Starting September 19, 2020
Shaw Farms at 1737 Ohio 131, Milford, Ohio
Live music, hayrides and more! Find your perfect pumpkin. Corn maze!

Simmons Farms
Weekends starting September 26, 2020
3020 Schaller Road, Bethel, Ohio
Pumpkins patch, pumpkins, hay and apples for sale

Weber Family Pumpkin Festival
Cancelled for 2020
6007 Kilby Road in Harrison, Ohio
Enjoy pumpkins, crafts, games, food, music, pony rides and a petting zoo!

Dayton and Springfield, Ohio Pumpkin Patches and Festivals

Aullwood Apple Fest
Cancelled 2020
Aullwood Audubon Center and Farm at 9101 Frederick Pike, Dayton, Ohio
Celebrate the harvest and apples! Apple…pie, cider, dumplings, butter, fries and more

Barn-n-Bunk Fall Festival Weekends
September 26 – October 25, 22020 (Saturdays and Sundays)
3677 Wayne-Madison Rd., Trenton, Ohio
Food, pumpkin picking and activities

Bonnybrook Farms 
3779 St Rt 132, Clarksville, Ohio
Pumpkin patch, wagon ride, corn maze, campfires

Bonnybrook Farms: Great Pumpkin Run
September 1– November 22, 2020 (virtual run)
Run info here.
3779 OH-132, Clarksville, Ohio
Run or walk the 5k through your own park or neighborhood this year

Bradford Pumpkin Show
Cancelled for 2020
Bradford, Ohio
Decorating contest, parade, rides, crafts and more!

Country Applefest
September 26–27, 2020
Warren County Fairgrounds in Lebanon, Ohio
It’s all about apples at this festival – from food to crafts.

Fall Farm Fest
October 10–11, 2020
Lost Creek Reserve & Knoop Agricultural Heritage Center at 2385 E. SR 41, Troy, Ohio
Celebrate Miami County’s agricultural heritage; pony rides, pumpkins, corn maze

Fall Festival Weekends
September 19–10, 26–27, 2020; + October 3–25, 2020 (Weekends)
Barn N Bunk
3677 Wayne Madison Road in Trenton, Ohio 45067
Hayrides, corn maze, train ride, corn maze and more!

Heritage of Flight Festival and Parade
Cancelled for 2020
Main Street in New Carlisle
Enjoy the parade of planes, live entertainment, carnival rides and more!

Idle-Hour Ranch
August – October 2020 (Friday, Saturday and Sunday)
4845 W. Fenner Road in Troy, Ohio
Enjoy a corn maze, hayrides, movies on the barn and flashlight nights!

Kleather’s Pumpkin Patch in Springboro
Starting September 2020
90 W. Central Avenue, Springboro, Ohio
Pumpkins, gourds, apple cider and more!; see the pumpkin carriage

McMonigle Farms
September 26 – end of October, 2020
Pumpkin Fest: September 26 and 27, 2020 + October weekends 
7441 Franklin Madison Road
Pumpkins, corn maze, hayrides, etc…

Oakwood Family Fall Festival
Cancelled for 2020
Shafor Park in Oakwood, Ohio
Games, food, hayrides, pumpkin painting and more! Kids encouraged to dress up in costumes.

Ohio Sauerkraut Festival
Cancelled for 2020
Waynesville, Ohio
Enjoy sauerkraut pizza, fudge, cookies, pies, donuts, egg rolls, and more! (Not into sauerkraut – do not worry, there will be many non-sour items to enjoy.)

Schaefers Farm Market
September 19 – October 2020
5024 Jacksonburg Road, Trenton, Ohio
Organic 15-acre pumpkin patch, corn maze, fall festival and more

Sizemore Farm Pumpkin Patch
Cancelled for 2020
7603 Upper Miamisburg Road in Miamisburg, Ohio
Pick your own pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. Kids can enjoy the Dragon Wagon ride, a hay ride and sip some apple cider!

Toms Maze and Pumpkin Farm
September 11 – November 1, 2020
4881 Germantown-Liberty Road, Germantown, OH 45327
8-acre maze to get lost in and enjoy the farm animal display. If you come in the evening, be sure to bring a flash light

Tuken’s Orchard and Farm Market
Starting September 2020
15725 Eaton Pike, West Alexandria, Ohio
Hayrides to the 15-acre pumpkin patch; petting zoo; lots of gourds and squash; apple picking, too, in September

Windmill Farm Market
September 26 – October 31, 2020 (weekends)
1454 East State Route 73, Springboro, Ohio
Hayrides to the pumpkin patch

Yellow Springs Street Fair
Cancelled for 2020
Yellow Springs, Ohio
Enjoy viewing over 200 art and craft booths along with some great food and entertainment in the artsy town!

Young’s Jersey Dairy – Pick Your Pumpkin
September 19 – October 25, 2020
6880 Springfield-Xenia Road, Yellow Springs, Ohio
Enjoy selecting your pumpkin from the field (or pick on from out store), wagon rides

Young’s 33rd Annual Fall Farm Pumpkin Festival
Cancelled for 2020
Young’s Jersey Dairy
6880 Springfield-Xenia Road in Yellow Springs, Ohio
Pumpkin donut hole making, pumpkin painting, watch cow milking and more!

Northern Kentucky Pumpkin Patches and Fall Festivals

Country Pumpkins – Fall Festival
September 12 – October 31, 2020
Alpine Hills Dairy Farm at 1835 Sherman Mt. Zion Road in Dry Ridge, Kentucky
Pumpkins, gourds, corn maze, petting zoo, pony rides, music and more!

Evans Orchard Harvest Festival
September 19 – October 31, 2020
198 Stone Road, Georgetown, Kentucky
Enjoy the festival

Farm Haven
Cancelled for 2020
Park at Union Presbyterian Church at 10259 US Highway 42, Union, Kentucky (walk across the bridge to the farm)
Enjoy the pumpkin patch, corn maze, pony rides, petting zoo and hay rides!

Kinman Farm Fall Fest
September 12 – October 25, 2020 (Fridays – Sundays)
4175 Burlington Pike, Burlington, Kentucky
Corn maze, hayrides, pony rides, pumpkin patch, food, pumpkins and more! Order tickets online.

Kentucky Wool Festival
Cancelled for 2020
48 Concord Caddo Road in Falmouth, Kentucky 41040
There will be lots of music and dance entertainment from two stages along with many food and drink options. Enjoy seeing live sheep shearing, sheep herding along with lots crafts of look at and purchase

McGlasson Farms
Mid September – November, 2020 (Open daily)
5832 River Road, (Route 8) Hebron, Kentucky
Pick your own pumpkins

Neltner’s Farm Fall Festival
End of September – October 25, 2020 (Weekends)
6922 Four Mile Road, Camp Springs, Kentucky 41059
Enjoy live music along with wagon rides, pumpkin patch, petting zoo, model train display and more!

Turning of the Leaves
October 10, 2020
Augusta, Kentucky
Entertainment, vendors and a great way to welcome the fall season

Southeastern Indiana Pumpkin Patches and Fall Festivals

Fall Old Court Days
Cancelled for 2020
Jefferson County Courthouse at 300 East Main Street, Madison, Indiana
Crafts, antiques and food!

Greystone Farm Pumpkin Patch
Fall 2020
15412 Wilson Creek Rd., Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Wagon rides to the pumpkin patch

Lawrenceburg Fall Fest
September 26–28, 2020
Downtown Lawrenceburg, Indiana
Games, carnival rides food, beer garden, chili contest, car show and live music

Lobenstein Farm Annual Pumpkin Festival
Undecided as of September 7, 2020
29703 Post Road, St. Leon, Indiana 57032
Pick your own pumpkins, enjoy a hayride, craft booths and the petting zoo.513-582-0762

Rising Sun Navy Bean Festival
Cancelled for 2020
Main and Front Streets at Rising Sun, Indiana
Navy bean soup, homemade cornbread and other great food, rides, games and more

Sunman Fall Festival
Cancelled 2020
Sunman, Indiana
Enjoy early fall fun

Vogt Farm Pumpkin Festival
September 26–27, 2020 (Weekends)
12115 North State Road 129 in Batesville, Indiana
Trolley rides to the pumpkin patch, pony rides, corn maze and more

Weber Family Pumpkin Festival
Cancelled for 2020
6007 Kilby Road in Harrison, Ohio
Enjoy pumpkins, crafts, games, food, music, pony rides and a petting zoo!

Wendel Farms
September through October 2020  (Weekends) 
Wendel Farms at 8134 N. State Line Rd in Riley Township in Brookville, Indiana 47012
6.5 acre corn maze, petting farm and pumpkin patch. Masks required.

Have we missed any local pumpkin patches? Let us know at


Updated September 16, 2020

Local Places for Taking Walks – Socially Distanced

Being socially distanced while outside is not always an easy thing to do. If you are looking for a possible crowd-free place to take a walk or a bike ride, take a look at our list of local spots. (Be sure to bring your mask!)


Armleder Park Trail
5057 Wooster Pike, CIncinnati, Ohio 45227
Two-mile paved trail is located between Armleder Road and Wooster Road as part of the Otto Armleder Park.

Ault Park
3600 Observatory Ave., Mt. Lookout (Cincinnati), Ohio
Beautiful gardens are there as well as some nature trails.

Beech Acres Park
6910 Salem Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
There is 1.27-miles of paved trail in the park.

Blue Ash Nature Park
4433 Cooper Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45242
This park have a lovely nature trail to explore.

California Woods Nature Preserve
5400 Kellogg Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio 45230
There are 113 acres of forest at California Woods. The trails are not always open – please check first! This preserve is not pet friendly.

Cincinnati Nature Center
4949 Tealtown Road, Milford, Ohio 45150
Rowe Woods at the nature center 14 miles of trails. Dogs are permitted – they must be registered first.

Delhi Township
Look at the Vibrant Delhi walking paths. There are paths from .75 miles to 2.5 miles.

East Fork State Park
3294 Elklick Rd., Bethel, Ohio 45106
There are several trails to explore: 12-mile Backpack Trail and the 37-mile Steven Newman Worldwalker Perimeter Trails that circles the park

Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve
3455 Poole Rd., Colerain Township, Ohio 45251
The .6-mile Pin Oak Trail has a wildflower garden along the way.

Fernbank Park
50 Thornton Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45233
Located along the Ohio River near Sayler Park, this park has a 1.2 miles paved trail and a one-mile Sycamore nature trail.

Five Mile Trail
2710 Newtown Rd., Anderson Township, Ohio 45255
2.5 miles of paved trail.

French Park
3012 Section Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45237
Enjoy exploring the hiking trails!

Glenwood Gardens
10397 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215
There are prairies and gardens to explore as well as wetlands and forests. There are two trails – a one-mile paved trails and a 1.6-miles wetland loop trail.

Green Township Bike and Walk Trail
Hutchinson Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45248
This trail has 2 miles of paved trails.

Loveland Bike Trail
Historic Loveland, Milford, Miami Township, Newtown and Lebanon
Part of the Little Miami State Park Trail. the paved path runs along the river and parts of the former railroad.

Madisonville Trail
There are several walking trails (and sidewalks) to follow in Madisonville. The five-mlle route takes you along the Murray Avenue trail.

McCullough Nature Preserve and Lindner Park
2726 Cypress Way, Norwood (CIncinnati), Ohio 45212
2726 Cypress Way, Pleasant Ridge
This park has a goldfish pond and gardens as well as trails to explore.

Miami Whitewater Forest
9001 Mt. Hope Road, Harrison, Ohio 45030
Trails include: 7.80-mile Shaker Trace trail, 1.4-mile fitness trail, 1.7-mile Badlands, .8-mile Oakleaf, .6-mile Tallgrass Prairie and 1.4-mile Timberlakes nature trails.

Mt. Airy Forest
5083 Colerain Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45223
There are many miles for the nine hiking trails to explore and enjoy. Read more about the trails here.

Redbird Hollow Preserve
618 Given Road, Cincinnati (Village of Indian Hill, Ohio 45243
Three miles of trails.

Rentschler Forest
5701 Reigart Road, Fairfield Township Ohio 45011
Miles of hiking trails and the Great Miami River Recreation Trail is accessible

Sharon Woods Park
11450 Lebanon Road, Sharonville, (Cincinnati) Ohio 45241
This park is very large. There is a 2.6-mile trail around the lake, a one-mile fitness trail and a .7-mile Gorge nature trail.

Spring Grove Cemetery
4521 Spring Grove Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio 45232
This cemetery has 15 lakes and 44 miles of paved roads. The public is welcome to explore the cemetery and arboretum.

Voice of American MetroPark
7850 VOA Park Drive, West Chester, Ohio 45069
Paved and natural trails!

Winton Woods
10245 Winton Road, Springfield Township, Ohio 45231
The park has 2.6 miles of paved trails, 1.1-mile fitness trails and .7-mile Great Oaks and 1.1-mile Kingfisher nature trails.

Woodland Mound
8250 Old Kellogg Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45255
There is a 1.2-mile paved trail, .9-mile fitness trail, .6-mile Hedgeapple and .8-mile Seasongood nature trails.

See a list of all Hamilton County Great Parks here.


Buckcreek Trail
2630 Croft Rd., Springfield, Ohio
This is a 9.2-mile trail from Plum Street leading to Buck Creek State Park

Carriage Hill Yellow Trail
7800 Shull Rd, Huber Heights, OH 45424
There are several trails available from .7 miles to 3.4 miles long.

Charleston Falls Preserve
2535 Ross Road, Tipp City, Ohio
Walk or hike four miles of trails. There is a beautiful waterfall along the way called Mini Niagara.

Clarence J. Brown Reservoir Lakeview Trail
The main trail at Buck Creek with 3.9 miles of trails.

Cox Arboretum MetroPark
6733 Springboro Pike, Dayton, Ohio 45449
Enjoy several trails from one-half mile to almost two miles long.

George Rogers Clark Park

There are several trails to follow (Hosterman Lake Loop, Tecumseh Trail, Puckeshiwah Trail and Maluntha Trail).

Grant Park Outer Trail
501 Normandy Ridge Rd, Dayton, OH 45459
3.2 miles for walks and hikers. Enjoy bird watching while you walk!

Great Miami River Trail: Middletown to Piqua
75 miles of trails!

Iron Horse Trail
Seven miles if trails through Centerville and Kettering.

John Bryan State Park
3790 State Route 370, Yellow Springs, Ohio 45387
This park offers miles of scenic trails with views of the limestone gorge.

Little Miami Scenic Trail
117 S. Fountain Ave., Springfield, Ohio 45502
The old Little Miami Railway is now paved for walking and biking. In Springfield (the northern-most part of the trail), is starts in the city and travels south to Milford. Ohio.

Simon Kenton Trail
80 Villa Rd., Springfield, Ohio 45503
There are 18 miles of paved trails.

Sugarcreek MetroPark
4178 Conference Road, Bellbrook, Ohio. 45305
There are many places in this park for a walk or hike. Hike the 1.3-mile Orange Tail to The Osage Orange Tunnel – a very scenic grove of trees and a great place for a photo.

Sweet Arrow Reserve Trail
789 Little Sugarcreek Rd., Sugarcreek Township, Ohio
Seven trails loops from one-half mile to 1.5 miles.

Woodland Historic Cemetery & Arboretum

118 Woodland Avenue, Dayton, Ohio 45409
This cemetery has 3,000 trees and hundreds of plants along their 200 acres. Solitary peaceful walks along the grounds are permitted. Download the mobile app for self-guided tours. (The Mausoleum is locked unless a scheduled appointment is made Monday–Friday.)


Alexandria Community Park
3965 Alexandria Drive, Alexandria, Kentucky 41001
The Lake Trail is along a forested wetland and is a scenic place to walk

Big Bone Lick State Historic Site
3380 Beaver Road, Union, Kentucky 41091
Walk along 4.5 miles of hiking trails (both paved and unpaved). And, be sure to view the bison!

Boone Co. Arboretum
9190 Camp Ernst Rd., Union, Kentucky 41091
The arboretum has many gardens to walk and explore: Theme Gardens and the Rain Garden, to name two. There is a native grassland and woodland area where you can observe nature. There are 2.2 miles of walking trails in the arboretum!

Boone Cliffs Nature Preserve
4700 Middle Creek Rd. Burlington, Kentucky 41005
There are 2.4 miles of unpaved walking trails along with beautiful cliff formations to admire.

Devou Park
1201 Park Drive, Covington, Kentucky 41011
The backcountry trails have eight miles available for walkers or bikers. There are also paved trails available that take you past some of the park’s landmarks.

Dinsmore Woods
5700 Burlington PIke, Burlington, Kentucky 41005
There are unpaved trails available for foot traffic. (No bicycles permitted.) Note: there is no phone coverage.

Doe Run Lake Park
1501 Bullock Pen Rd., Covington, Kentucky 41017
Doe Run lake is surrounded by hiking tails.

Fort Thomas Landmark Tree Trail
100 Carmel Manor Dr., Ft. Thomas, Kentucky 41075
The looped trail is 1.1 miles long and has some steep hills. There are beautiful old trees to admire along the walk.

Gunpowder Creek Nature Park
6750 Sperti Ln., Burlington, Kentucky 41005
An unpaved, 1.25-mile looped trail heads uphill and ends at Gunpowder Creek.

Hiking Trails at Highlands Cemetery
2167 Dixie Highway, Fort Mitchell, Kentucky
You’re going to find over four miles of connecting trails here. View woodland wildflowers as well as birds and other animals.

Middle Creek Park
5655 Burlington Pike, Burlington, Kentucky 41005
Unpaved trails (8.5 miles) are available for hiking. View wildflowers and wildlife along the way


Dearborn Trails
Greendale, Lawrenceburg and Aurora, Indiana
4.5 mile paved path along the Ohio River. Access the trail from Walnut Street in Lawrenceburg.

Lawrenceburg/Aurora Trail
Lawrenceburg and Aurora, Indiana
This is a 7.3-mile trail with tunnels, little towns and scenery along the way.

Ludlow Hill Park
Oelker Drive), Lawrenceburg, Indiana 47025
Walking trails with scenic fishing lakes.

Versailles State Park
1387 U.S. 50 East, Versailles, IN 47042
This is Indiana’s second largest state park. Enjoy one of the many walking trails.

Have a local trail or interesting place to walk that you want to add? Let us know at

Updated: September 8, 2020

Enjoy the Local Arts – Virtually and Live in a Socially Distanced Manner

Have you been missing the arts this spring and summer? We have, too! The fall season is nearing. Some arts organizations are offering virtual experiences while others have figured out how to have live performances in a socially distanced manner. Here is what is happening with the local arts scene this fall and winter:


Aronoff Center
Fall performances are cancelled. Look at the winter 2021 performance schedule here.

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra
September – December 2020: Live From Music Hall Digital Series
The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra and Pops will be offering seven free digital series streaming from September through December. The first concert is scheduled September 26, 2020. Other concerts to be announced at the end of August 2020.

Concerts will vary from 30 to 40 players and each performance is 90 minutes. The details in providing this type of socially distanced concert is all in the details. Musicians will maintain six-foot distancing. Plexiglas panels are going to be stationed between the winds and brass. The conductor’s podium is going to have machines that measure “aerosolization” to make sure all are safe from droplets in the air. 

Pop-up community concerts are also planned for “unexpected places and spaces” throughout Cincinnati featuring small group of musicians.

Cincinnati Art Museum
Advanced registration required to maintain social distancing at the museum.

Cincinnati Ballet
The ballet will go on! Performances will be outside during fall 2020 and inside at various location which offer more space for distancing.

  • Ballet TBD: September 25–27, 2020
    Sawyer Point’s Procter & Gamble Pavilion
  • Intimate Workshop Performance: November 2020
    Details TBD
  • The Nutcracker: December 17–23, 2020
    The Nutcracker Experience: One-hour performance performed in the Music Hall Ballroom for social distancing. No live music.
  • The Kaplan New Works Series: February 11–14, 2021
    Springer Auditorium at Music Hall
  • Snow White: February 26–28, 2021
    Aronoff Center
  • Bold Moves Plus: April 22–25, 2021
    Procter & Gamble Hall at Aronoff Center
  • Cinderella: June 10–20, 2021
    Procter & Gamble Hall at Aronoff Center

Cincinnati Opera
The 2020 season was cancelled. 2021 season information is TBD.
Enjoy Opera at Home online.

Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park
Live performances will start in December 2020. There will be staggered start times for productions between the two theaters and deep cleaning between shows. Audience seating will distanced. Note: A Christmas Carol will be one-person production this year. See the 2020–2021 Season here.

The Children’s Theatre of Cincinnati
Children’s Theatre Everywhere online shows to watch.
Live productions planned for Fall (October) 2020 – April 2021.

Cincinnati Shakespeare Company
Shakespeare in the Park at various locations. Check back for updates on their website.

Follow ArtsWave with many other local arts updates! The organization offers a Coronavirus Arts Hub with virtual arts experiences.


Clark State Performing Arts Center
No performances scheduled to date.

Springfield Symphony Orchestra
Fall 2020 – Winter/Spring 2021 season is planned.

Springfield Arts Council
Take a look at the Springfield Arts Council website for updates.


Dayton Ballet
No live performances through the end of 2020.
Streaming of performances available.

Dayton Philharmonic
No live performances through the end of 2020.
Philharmonic at Home offers streamed concerts.

Dayton Opera
No live performances through the end of 2020.
Enjoy Opera at Home with streamed concerts.

Dayton Playhouse
No live plays in the 2020–2021 season. There have been virtual play sessions offered from time to time.

Rose Music Center at the Heights
Events are postponed until 2021 when you can once again enjoy live performances.

Culture Works
Follow Dayton Culture Works for local arts updates!


Kentucky Symphony Orchestra
September 5, 2020 concert at the Tower Park Amphitheater in Ft. Thomas. Fall and winter TBD.

The Carnegie
Live performances are postponed until the 2021–2022 season. A tiny concert series will run September 2020 through March 2021 with a maximum of 50 audience members (at the 447-seat theater.) Live-streaming is also available for these concerts. Movie musicals will be shown for 50 people in the theater throughout fall 2020.

Devou Park Amphitheater
Behringer-Crawford Museum presents A Midsummer Night’s Dream – September 18, 2020 performed by the Cincinnati Shakespeare Company at the amphitheater in Devou Park. Limited to 50 people. Tickets not sold in advance can be purchased at the door if available.  For more information, call (859) 491-4003.

If you are interested in local community theater venues, go here.

Updated: August 19, 2020

Local Home Sales Report for July 2020

Home sales increased for all local regions in July. Home sales for the Cincinnati region set a record with the best sales record for that month ever: 2,825 homes were sold – up almost 11% from 2019. The dollar volume for the month increased by almost 22%. In the Dayton area, July also saw gains for home sales with all-time highs in average sale and median sales prices. With 1,773 homes sold in the area, the region had an over 6% increase in the number of homes sold as well as over 16% in sales volume. In Northern Kentucky, home sales increased by over 2%. Average and median sale prices also increased for the month.

Here is a report by region of homes sales throughout July 2020:


July 2020 vs  July 2019

  • +10.91% Increase in homes sold (2,825 homes vs 2,547 homes)
  • 9.93% Increase in average sale price ($264,286 vs $240,410)
  • 12.95% Increase in median sale price ($218,000 vs $193,000)
  • 21.93% Increase in gross sales volume ($746,607,822 vs $612,324,260)

January–July 2020 vs January–July 2019

  • -5.50% Decrease in homes sold (14,205 homes vs 15,032 homes)
  • 6.12% Increase in average sale price ($240,4756 vs $226,617)
  • 7.08% Increase in median sale price ($198,000 vs $184,900)
  • .28% Increase in gross sales volume ($3,15,959,636 vs $3,406,513,171)

Statistics courtesy of Cincinnati Area Board of Realtors July 2020 Home Sales Report


July 2020 vs July 2019

  • 6.29% Increase in homes sold (1,773 homes vs 1,668 homes)
  • 9.42% Increase in average sale price ($206,750 vs $188,950)
  • 9.09% Increase in median sale price ($180,000 vs $165,000)
  • 16.31% Increase in sales volume ($366,566,948 vs $315,168,484)

January–July 2020 vs January–July 2019

  • -3.19% Decrease in homes sold (9,172 homes vs 9,474 homes)
  • 8.26% Increase in average sale price ($190,812 vs $176,260)
  • 9.63% Increase in median sale price ($165,000 vs $150,500)
  • 4.81% Increase in sales volume ($1,750,126,850 vs $1,669,882,543)

Statistics courtesy of Dayton Realtors July 2020 Home Sales Report


July 2020 vs July 2019

  • 2.07% Increase in homes sold (789 homes vs 773 homes)
  • 10.52% Increase in average sale price ($233,078 vs $210,900)
  • 17.76% Increase in median sale price ($214,918 vs $182,500)
  • 12.80% Increase in sales volume ($183,898,800 vs $163,026,380)

January–July 2020 vs January–July 2019

  • -2.98% Decrease in homes sold (4,076 homes vs 4,201 homes)
  • 8.86% Increase in average sale price (221,142 vs $203,149)
  • 11.43% Increase in median sale price ($195,000 vs $175,000)
  • 5.62% Increase in sales volume ($853,433,062 vs $901,376,338)

Statistics courtesy of Northern Kentucky Association of Realtors July 2020 Home Sales Report

Look for homes for sale here.

Selling Your Home? Read This First!

If you are planning on selling your home, you may have questions about the process. Here are seven tips to read before putting your home on the market:

1. Do I really need to improve my home before selling it? 
You need to consult with your real estate agent to see what improvements makes sense to sell your home at the highest price. Remember, you only get one chance to make a positive first impression when your home goes on the market to sell. If your home is in need of updates, you could have a hard time to get the interest of the buyer. An unmaintained home sometimes indicates it needs lots of work and repair.

Some home improvements just take some time and a small budget. Painting, caulking and cleaning are great (and economic) ways to make your home shine. If your carpet is old and worn, you may also want to replace it. One thing to remember is that home improvements do not  necessarily equate to a higher price, but should result in more showings and stronger offers.

2. I think I will price high and see what happens. 
Everyone’s goal is to obtain the highest price for their home. (Your agent wants that for you, too!) However, pricing your home way over its current market value is a strategy that does not always work. It can result in fewer showings and no offers and you may be perceived to be an unrealistic home seller. (Those potential home buyers who do tour your home will give feedback that it is overpriced or will have lower offers.) Remember, the most attention given to a home is when it first hits the market. Price it correctly and bring in the offers.

3. My home is worth what?
Over-improving a home can backfire when it is time to sell. For example, if your custom kitchen has finishes to meet your specific taste (with special colors or tile for example), it may not appeal to buyers who will want to replace what you have done. An in-ground spa may be a great feature for you to enjoy, but the buyer might not find value with it. Everyone has different priorities with their home. Bottom line – the market will never pay dollar for dollar for improvements to your home, especially taste-specific projects. 

4. Everyone who sees my home wants to buy it!
Oh, if that were the case! You never know what buyers’ needs are. People have different things that are important to them. Their “need to have” list versus a “nice to have” list may not sync with your home. Do not take it personally if your home’s floor plan or features do not meet their requirements. Also, you need to realize, some buyers are just out looking and are not serious about buying. They may be in the beginning stages of looking for a home and not willing to commit.

5. I had an inspection and now I have to make even more repairs?
A home inspection gives the buyer an idea of the condition of your home. Following this inspection, you may be asked about making repairs depending upon what is on the list. At that point, you can either make those repairs or re-negotiate. If the buyer walks away, your home will go back on the market and you will need to deal with that stigma. Another buyer will then have his  own inspection and you will need to address repair issues once more. (Helpful hint: We suggest paying for a pre-inspection before your home goes on the market. The inspector will review: electrical, plumbing, heating and cooling systems; windows, ceilings, walls, doors and floors; attic, visible insulation and roof; and the foundation, structural elements and basement.)

6. I think I want to include a carpet allowance instead of replacing it. 
You cannot give a buyer an allowance as part of closing on your home. It is better to reduce the purchase price or simply replace the carpet yourself.

7. Do I really need to stage my home?
A staged home presents its best features making it very appealing to buyers. At a minimum, your home needs to have a deep cleanse, decluttering and organization. From there, your agent can guide you as to whether it needs more staging to be market ready to sell. If your home is empty, keep in mind that professionally staged properties for sale tend to sell more quickly. 


Sibcy Cline Agents and Employees – Spending Time in their Backyards this Summer!

What has been the most popular place in your home this summer? Odds are it’s your backyard. With the current world situation, everyone has been spending time at home and enjoying their outdoor spaces. And, many people have added improvements to their yards – from mulching, gardening, fencing, or adding fun “toys” such as a pool. Reports the Wall Street Journal, “Some 46% of consumers said they did a landscaping, gardening or outdoor-living project update in the last three months.” The newspaper also said sales of grills increased by 46% in May and sales of inflatable pools, playground equipment and water blasters increased by 51%. Needless to say, Americans are staying busy in the yards. It’s the destination for summer!

We wanted to share some of Sibcy Cline agents’ and employees’ backyards and outdoor spaces with you:

Shelbey Loudin (of Sibcy Cline’s Professional Development Center) lives along a beautiful golf course and her backyard has very lovely views. Shelbey’s family spends much time outside on the patio. They enjoy grilling out, using the fire pit and jumping on their trampoline. Their dog, Maya, also loves being outside and has been very good about leaving the golfers alone. The Loudins stay up-to-date with their neighbors with evening chats – all from the backyard!

Shelbey Loudin

Cindy Zulla, Branch Office Administrator from Sibcy Cline’s Hyde Park, lives in the West End in Cincinnati and has a very quaint backyard. The brick-laid courtyard gives her some green space that she enjoys with her dog, Twyla. Behind the lattice arbor is Cindy’s veggie garden. And, on the side is a flower garden filled with hostas. Cindy’s backyard is hidden, green urban treasure. A tree grows in the West End – so to speak! IMG_1179

Wayne Milam a Realtor from Sibcy Cline West Chester has an awesome backyard. It has everything you could want: Large stamped patio – check. Sun umbrellas with LED lights – check. Fire pit – check. Hot tub spa – check. Pool – check. Swing set – check. Half-court basket ball – check. Wayne and his family basically have a vacation built right in the backyard. Weekends are busy at the Milam house with family BBQs. The pool is been quite popular since many family member’s HOA pools were closed this season. The basketball court is enjoyed by all including Wayne, his children and grandchildren. His backyard borders some Fairfield Township woods so there is plenty of privacy.


Maura Black of Sibcy Cline’s Western Hills office has been enjoying wooded views from her 1.5-acre backyard this year. (She moved to her home this past spring.) The former homeowner was a master gardener and converted the green space into a wildlife habitat and converted fallen trees into a log-style walking trail. From a screened porch, Maura enjoys taking in nature and has seen owls (see pic of a Barred Owl below), deer, foxes, turkeys, ravine salamanders, turtles, snakes as well as bugs. She says the best time in her yard is between 8:30am and 11:30am when the sunlight filters through the trees. She and her family love where they live and if you visit, bring binoculars!


Sometimes that backyard just has to have amenities. Such is the case of the home of Rob Streicher, Vice President/Sales Manager of Sibcy Cline West Chester. He and his wife, Vonda, have a “decked” out  deck complete with a flat-screen television and hot tub spa. They can enjoy being outside while watching their favorite sports – which this summer has been viewing Reds baseball games. It’s very good times at the Streicher residence!


Tawnyah Wolff, Branch Office Administrator at Sibcy Cline West Chester, has a gorgeous three-season porch decorated “boho chic”. She hung a porch swing and has all kinds of interesting fabrics that mix well. It’s a comfortable place to peer out and enjoy viewing the backyard and bird feeder. Tawnyah said this outdoor room is her “happy place” and is her favorite place to relax, listen to music, chat on the phone or take a nap. (The room used to be simply decorated in blue and white. Her son gave her a Moroccan-inspired lantern and that inspired the color changes!) 


Lisa and Rob Fix (aka The Fix Solution) moved into their home a couple of years ago. Their backyard is along a golf course that offers the most heavenly sunset views. They spend much of their leisure time in the backyard patio or screened porch, grilling dinner and enjoying life. There have been a few instances of golf balls hitting windows – but Lisa and Rob don’t mind. It’s worth it to have those vista views!



Lovita Williams, a Sibcy Cline Florence and Northern Hills agent, has been busy gardening in her backyard this summer. She and fiance, Curtis Gordon, worked very hard tilling and planting in the spring. They are now harvesting a bounty of veggies: zucchini, cucumbers, kale, potatoes, banana peppers, green peppers and tomatoes. And, we cannot forget about their garden containers of herbs! Lovita and Curtis also enjoy relaxing in their yard – they have two hammocks where they can sit back and enjoy life.

Larry Fisher, Sibcy Cline’s Webmaster, enjoys vegetable gardening in his backyard. (He has been known to plant very hot peppers!) Larry and his wife, Anne, are serious about their garden – please note the raised bed, animal-guard fencing and weed-guard cloth in the photo below. This year, the Fishers are enjoying zucchini, yellow squash, jalapeno peppers and several varieties of tomatoes from their backyard garden.


Sandy Butler, an agent with Sibcy Cline Kenwood, is a passionate gardener. (She hosts a Facebook group called Cincinnati Urban Farmers.) This year, Sandy (along with her friend Donald Morris) planted: peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, beets, green beans, collards, kale, watermelons and herbs. (She also enjoys planting flowers along with the veggies.) Sandy checks the plants daily, looking for bugs, removing dead leaves, waters and fertilizes when needed. Once Sandy harvests items, she takes them to the kitchen where she either prepares wonderful meals or cans veggies to use later. (Where do you find time for all of this?) Sandy and Donald’s backyard is one of green-thumb wonderfulness – from the patio to the beautiful lawn, to the flowers and vegetables.


Andrew Tanen of Sibcy Cline Kenwood has been quite busy this summer in his backyard. He and his wife, Victoria, have been tending to their flowers and shrubs that include: sunflowers, butterfly bushes, zinnias, Black-eyed Susans, Russian lavender among many other types of flowers. They also have been growing veggies – tomatoes, cucumbers, jalapeno, cilantro, shallots, turnips and lettuce. Andrew and Victoria “hardscaped” the flower beds with decorative lighting, rock edging, statue figures and river rock. Their yard is gorgeous and has been attracting pollinators including butterflies, honey bees, bumble bees, yellow finches and humming birds. What a wonderful place to enjoy while staying home this summer.


Nancy Holthaus, Sibcy Cline Photographer, has been busy this summer with her backyard garden. For the past several years, she has worked on clearing out the back area, and this spring she planted hydrangeas along with other plants. She dug a vegetable garden for the first time and planted lots of tomatoes, zucchini, butternut squash and peppers. The container-style herb garden has flourished this summer and Nancy reports she shares the bounty with neighbors. The piece de resistance are the dinner-plate sized hibiscus that grow in the yard. Those plants came with the house when she purchased it and have been blooming yearly. Nancy had help with all of her planting this year in her backyard from her daughter and son!



Melanie Beck  with Sibcy Cline Northeast has had fun in her backyard with her granddaughter, Hannah. When you want to go to the beach but you are stuck at home – all it takes is a watering hose and a beachball. Voila – fun times cooling off in the yard!


It’s pool time at the home of Chip Hatfield, agent with Sibcy Cline West Chester. He has a wonderful yard with an upper deck, lower patio and in-ground pool. He and his family have spent hours in the yard. The grandkids love to come over and splash in the water.

Bev and Bill Scott (aka The Bev Scott Team) are from Sibcy Cline West Chester. The view from their deck in the evening is glorious with the full moon! The Scotts live along the 7th fairway of the Shaker Run Golf Course in Lebanon. They watch all of the golfers in action from their third-level porch. Bev and Bill enjoy entertaining family and friends all summer long on their deck where the drinks are cold and the friendship is free!

Helena and Marc Cameron (aka the Cameron Group) have a beautiful backyard to enjoy. These Sibcy Cline Northeast agents have over one-half acre of yard along the end of a cul-de-sac. Three Honey Locust trees turn a breathtaking golden color in the fall. The Camerons’ dog, Banks, loves to run throughout the yard and chase deer and squirrels. Helena and Marc spend as much time as possible on their deck taking in the views. They have a grill and a smoker and have enjoyed many meals outside this summer. For the past two years, a family of Cooper Hawks have nested in their backyard trees and they have enjoyed watching these birds teach the fledglings to fly. (And, yes, Marc does all of the mowing!)

Susanne Anton has a peaceful backyard setting at her home! An agent with Sibcy Cline West Chester, she has been taking advantage of its screened-in back porch and deck this summer. It’s coffee, dinner and socially distanced entertaining outside for Susanne and her husband, Dave Wendt. Their home backs up to a green belt and they like to watch the birds and admire the trees!

Tiffany Allen-Zeuch of Sibcy Cline West Chester enjoys outdoor living with her family. Her father has a fabulous covered patio that is an oasis of wonderfulness. It includes two televisions, a fireplace, kitchen, fire pit, grills and plenty of seating. Why go on vacation? Just step outside!

That’s it for our “Sibcy Cline Backyard Round Up”. If you want ideas on enjoying a vacation at home, read our article here.

What’s been your favorite outdoor activity at home this summer?

Local Oktoberfests for 2020

Oktoberfest in August? Yes. Our local Oktoberfests begin in August and run through October. Put on your lederhosen and plan on enjoying German music, food and entertainment at one of them.

For 2020, many traditional Oktoberfests have been cancelled. (See the list at the bottom.) Even the original Oktoberfest in Munich is cancelled this year.

Before heading out the door to a festival, please check to make sure it has not been cancelled due to COVID-19. Plan to be socially distanced at these public events.

Here is our list of local Oktoberfests throughout Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Southeastern Indiana and Northern Kentucky in order by date:

Donauschwaben Oktoberfest
August 9, 2020
4290 Dry Ridge Road in Colerain Township, Cincinnati, Ohio

Germanfest Picnic LITE
August 14–15, 2020
Riverscape MetroPark at 111 E. Monument Avenue, Dayton, Ohio
Order your German meal ahead of time and enjoy it at your favorite park or at home! (2021 picnic dates: August 13–15)

Oktoberfest Sign

Springboro Oktoberfest
September 10–11, 2020 – no public festival –Take-out food to go!
Springboro United Church of Christ, 5 West Mill Street, Springboro, Ohio
Order your German meal to enjoy in your private Oktoberfest this year.

Batesville, Indiana Oktoberfest Street Festival
September 11–12, 2020
35 S. Main St., Batesville, Indiana
Live music and a beer garden

Oktoberfest Banners

Osgood’s 6th Annual Bricktoberfest
September 19, 2020
Osgood, Indiana
Smoked BBQ, live entertainment, beer and wine garden (not a true Oktoberfest!)

Oktoberfest Zinzinnati
September 18–27, 2020 – virtual
In Za Haus – a do-it-yourself party! Order Oktoberfest packs and celebrate at home. There will also be polka pop-ups in various Cincinnati neighborhoods. Various restaurants will also be celebrating Oktoberfest Zinzinnati at their locations

Newport Oktoberfest
September 25–27, 2020
Newport, Kentucky riverfront
It’s a German tradition with food, drink and more!

St. Agnes Parish’s Oktoberfest
September 2020? – please confirm – check website (8/24/2020)
1680 Dixie Highway, Fort Wright, Kentucky
Rides, food and live music

St. Cecilia Oktoberfest Oakley
September 26, 2020 – need to confirm (08/26/2020)
3105 Madison Road, Oakley, Cincinnati, Ohio
German music, food and dancing


St. Leon Oktoberfest
October 2–3, 2020
St. Joseph American Legion Post 464, 28866 Post 464 road, Brookville (St. Leon), Indiana
German food, beer games and a pie auction! Pork chop dinner on Saturday evening. 812-407-0455

Lebanon Oktoberfest
October 10, 2020
Downtown Lebanon, Ohio

Cancelled Oktoberfests:

Germania Society Oktoberfest
Postponed until August 28–29, 2021
3529 W. Kemper Road in Cincinnati, Ohio
Let the German festivities begin!

Germantown Pretzel Festival
Cancelled for 2020
Historic Germantown, Ohio
Not an Oktoberfest – best still German!

Liberty Home German Society Oktoberfest
Cancelled for 2020
2361 Hamilton-Cleves Hwy., Hamilton/Ross, Ohio
German food, beer, rides and more!

Maysville Oktoberfest
Postponed until 2021
Downtown Maysville, Kentucky
Tradition music, folk dancing, German bier and cuisine. Enjoy the parade!

New Vienna Oktoberfest
Cancelled for 2020
New Vienna, Ohio
German….everything! Beer, brats and polka

Cancelled for 2020
Oakley Square on Madison Road, Cincinnati, Oho
Beer and entertainment!

Oktoberfest – Aurora
Cancelled for 2020
Second and Main Streets, Aurora, Indiana
Dancing on Main Oktoberfest style

Oktoberfest – The Dayton Art Institute
Cancelled for 2020
Dayton Art Institute
456 Belmonte Park N., Dayton, Ohio

Old Milford Oktoberfest
Assume cancelled for 2020
Little Miami Brewing Company at 208 Mill Street, Milford, Ohio
Live music, food, beer and games – a la German style.

Sister Cities of Vandalia Oktoberfest
Cancelled for 2020
Vandalia Sports Complex on Stonequarry Road in Vandalia, Ohio
Live music and lots of German food

St. Jude Oktoberfest Bridgetown
Cancelled for 2020
5924 Bridgetown Avenue, Cincinnati, Ohio
Music, games, rides and food

Saint Timothy Parish Oktoberfest
Cancelled for 2020
10272 US 42 at Union, Kentucky
Rides, games, live music and food!

Westseite Brauen Oktoberfest
Assume cancelled for 2020
West Side Brewing at 3044 Harrison Ave., (Westwood), Cincinnati, Ohio
Live music, food trucks and more

Updated: August 26, 2020