Cincinnati is a Bronze-Level Bicycle-Friendly Community

Pull out your Schwinn! Cincinnati has been awarded a bronze-level award by the League of American Bicyclists as a “Bicycle-Friendly Community”.  Cincinnati is the only city in Ohio to receive this recognition.

Why the recognition?

  • Cincinnati’s ongoing efforts to add bike lanes and parking across the city
  • Bicycle Safety Ordinance passed by city council requiring vehicles to maintain a three-foot passing distance when passing bicyclists and banning cars from driving/parking in bike lanes
  • Department of Transportation and Engineering (DOTE) added bicycle parking at special events and inside parking garages
  • Summer 2012 Bike Share Feasibility Study to be conducted (Bike share programs in other areas use rental kiosks with 10-12 bikes at each location.)

More Cincinnati biking information:

  • Queen City Bike (non-profit organization): Lists bicycle-friendly destinations throughout the area
  • City of Cincinnati’s Bicycle Transportation Program: Read about bike lanes, sharrows (shared lane markings), laws, parking, maps and bike routes
  • Cincinnati Cycle Club (non-profit organization): Learn about bicycling events and rides along with viewing maps

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