Moving For Love? A New Service Paves the Way to Make a Dream a Reality is a new relocation service that assists individuals throughout the moving process to ensure that each aspect of the move is properly handled.

Companies often provide resources to assist an employee’s relocation for a job in a new city, state or country. Now those same types of services are available from to individuals who are pursuing their personal passions. The service has been created by the same professionals at Sibcy Cline Relocation Services who have handled corporate relocation for over thirty years.

Robin Sheakley is the founder of Moving For Love and President and is the third generation of her family in the real estate industry, following in the footsteps of her father, Rob Sibcy, who is the president of Sibcy Cline Realtors. Says Robin, “My father has always had an unwavering statement since I was a child that people graduate, get married, get promotions, have babies, and sometimes they suffer job loss, death or illness. All can necessitate a move locally or sometimes much further away. This is when our job starts. In my 15 years in the real estate and relocation business, I have seen people move for many reasons and it is especially rewarding to help those who are moving for love and pursuing their passions. Whether starting a new life with that special person or retiring to the mountains or beach, Moving for Love is there to provide time-saving assistance in making that dream possible.”

Moving can be an incredibly stressful process, whether across town, the country, or the globe. When a couple that met online decides to take the plunge or a blogger decides to find inspiration in the mountains, the end result sounds magical, but the steps to get there can be daunting. is there to help.

The web-based service,, combined with a personal move assistant offers cost of living comparisons, Realtor referral services, and coordination of household goods (estimates, storage and final move), temporary housing, as well as rental assistance. Once someone registers on the site and joins the move, a personal move assistant will reach out to ensure attention is given to all details throughout the moving process.

Moving for Love can assist individuals from coast to coast and around the globe.  For more information, visit or contact Claudia Adelhardt at 513-985-2634.

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