West Chester, Ohio Makes Best Small Cities List!

Money Magazine has published its list of America’s Best Small Cities and West Chester, Ohio was included, ranking in at #97.

The magazine admired all of the nearby businesses for employment as well as the retail and entertainment venues. West Chester is a very convenient place to live. Read more here.

And, of course, West Chester has The Cone! (If you have not experienced the Cone, you must enjoy an ice cream here.)

What small city was #1? Carmel, Indiana! And, see the full list here.

Want to look at West Chester homes? Look here.

West Chester Facts:

  • It is one of the best areas on the continent for collecting fossils because the Miami Valley was once at the bottom of an ancient ocean
  • In 1803, the Ohio General Assembly divided Hamilton County and established Butler County (named after General Richard Butler, a Revolutionary War her0.)
  • In 1823, Liberty Township was divided and Union Township (later called West Chester) was created. At that time, there were no roads in the area — only trails and so travel was limited either by foot or horseback. The Miami Eric Canals and railroads later came through West Chester and brought about the development of small communities.
  • In 2000, Union Township became known as West Chester Township.

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