Area Tours of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton – Not Just for Tourists

You go to a new city and take a city tour or tour to learn more about the area. But have you ever taken a tour or two of Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton? Here are some local tours to consider…

Newport, Kentucky Gangster Tour
Newport had a (bad) reputation back  in the day with its gangsters and gamblers. This two-hour tour will show the all of Sin City including the buildings that had casinos, brothels and speakeasies. Learn all about the masters of crime. You can also take an Ultimate Ganger Tour: Safes and Secret Passage Ways that shows you even more interesting syndicate things!

(Cincinnati) Queen City Underground Tour
You are going under the ground to see tunnels from Cincinnati’s brewing days as well as see the Gateway District with a large number of historical landmarks. Over-The-Rhine used to have 130+ saloons, bars and beer gardens back in the day!

Newport, Kentucky Is Haunted Tour
This evening tour shares all of the (thrills?) of murder and other gruesome deeds. It’s a 90-minute walk where you learn about unsolved crimes and some hauntings.

Covington, Kentucky Is Haunted Tour
Walk (if you dare!) and learn about ghosts inside two mansions as well as someone ghastly stories. This is a five-block tour at the Baker-Hunt complex.

Iconic Cincinnati Tour
See all of your Cincinnati favorites from a different angle when you start your tour at Fountain Square and at the observation deck of the Carew Tower.

Rookwood and Wine Tour
Learn about Findlay Market, Christian Moerlein Brewery and the Rookwood Factory on this fun tour.

(Cincinnati) Queen City is Haunted Tour
The spring/fall tour shares murder and death details. Learn where paranormal activity is taking place as well as Cincinnati’s Murder College and the ghosts of Music Hall.

Civil War Cincinnati Tour
If history is your thing, then take this American history tour. Learn about the Black Brigade, the all-German regiment as well as explore Memorial Hall and Old St. Mary’s Church on this walking tour.

More Ways to Tour:

This tour starts in Newport, takes you on land over a bridge into downtown Cincinnati, then splashes in the Ohio River for more scenic fun and then gets back on land again in downtown Cincinnati for more interesting views of the city. You quack all of the way on this tour! Really, you do!
If you want to glide in your tour, then take one of the several two-hour Segway Tours that are offered: Riverfront, Downtown and Eden Park.
This Dayton, Ohio tours start from the Dayton Convention Center and take you to many historic sites including the resting place of the Wright Brothers. You’ll see the Oregon Historic District and glide past the Dragons Baseball stadium. Enjoy the views from the Riverwalk, too!
It’s a bicycle built for many! You can book your own party or take advantage of one of their tours: Tavern Cruise or a Redlegs Rally.

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