Home Sales Are Up, Up, Up!

Home sales are up for CIncinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton!

Closed home sales are up. Pending sales are up. Average prices are up. Interest Rates are low. Consumer confidence is on the rise!

Cincinnati, Ohio
For the fifth month in a row, Cincinnati has reported double-digit increases in sales.

  • 2,438 homes sold in August with an increase of almost 16% as compared to last year
  • This rate of sales was higher than the national sales average of 9.3%
  • August 2012 had the highest number of sales in five years in Cincinnati
  • Average sales price rose 2.1% from last year at the same time

Northern Kentucky
The Northern Kentucky real estate market had 498 homes sold in August which was an increase of 11.4% from last year.

  • Sales volume for August was up 19.4%
  • Average sale price increased 7.2% to $150,100

Dayton, Ohio
Dayton saw a surge of 135 increase in sales for August!

  • 1,120 homes sold in August
  • Sales volume increased 22% from last year

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