Cincinnati Parks are Going Digital with QR Codes

How can a park go digital one might ask? Well, the Cincinnati Park Board has partnered with QuipTV to do just that, and it’s all about the QR Code.

This month in Ault Park, a pilot test will be launched that allows visitors to access videos about certain plants using their smartphone to scan QR-tagged plants. To date, 87 plants have been tagged and another 40 plants should be added soon.

Not visiting a park soon? No problem. You can access the 20-50 second videos through the Cincinnati Park’s YouTube channel and mobile app.

Why the QR Codes? The park board wants everyone to learn more about the plants and get excited about them. Read more about the park’s QR Codes here.

What does Sibcy Cline think? We love QR Codes and feature them on our For Sale signs. Potential buyers can scan the code and see more photos and information about the homes. Our signs may not be plants, but they are certainly “planted” in many yards!

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