Cincinnati Cyclists: News About the City’s Bike Plan

A Bicycle Plan for Cincinnati has been in place since June 2010. This 15-year plan integrates bicycle paths into many areas of the city with 445 miles of on-street and off-street facilities to be implemented. Cyclists will look forward to enjoying bicycle lanes, shared lanes as well as paths or trails and sidewalks designated for bicycle use.

What’s in Place for 2013 with the Bicycle Plan?

Riverside Drive
The city will finish more than 2 miles of bike lanes along Riverside Drive.

Spring Grove Avenue
Bike lanes along Spring Grove Avenue will be extended from Hopple Street to Bank  Street (downtown).

Bike Lanes at the Design Stage

  • Proposals have been created for these streets: Dalton Street, Bank, Western Avenue and Langdon Farm Road
  • Design work is in progress on the Ohio River Trail (Salem Street to Sutton Road; Collins Avenue to Corbin Street)
  • Cycle Track for Central Parkway (between Ludlow Avenue and Liberty Street) – A cycle track is a bike trail located in the street that is separated from cars with a barrier.

Read more about Cincinnati’s Bike Program here. (You will find links to bike laws and trails, along with more information about the progress of the bicycle program.)

If you tweet, find updates by following: @CincyBikes.

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