Best Places To Sled in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky

There is nothing like the thrill of zooming down a hill on a sled or tube. Here are some fun places to go sledding in Cincinnati, Ohio and Northern Kentucky:

  • Ault Park in Mount Lookout
  • Symmes Park in Symmes Township
  • French Park in Amberley Village
  • Winton Woods Park (Harper Meadows picnic area) – Winton
  • Harbor Overlook at Miami Whitewater Forest in Harrison
  • McEvoy Hill in College Hill
  • Mount Storm Park in Clifton
  • Ronald Reagan Voice of Freedom Park in West Chester Township
  • Rossford Park in Fort Thomas
  • Stanberry Park in Mount Washington
  • Storrs Park in Fort Thomas
  • Woodfill Ballfield in Fort Thomas
  • Devou Park in Covington near the ampitheater

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