What’s Going On In Dayton, Ohio? Lots of Good News from City Mayor Gary Leitzell


The City of Dayton’s Mayor Gary Leitzell recently gave an annual state of the city address and here are some positive highlights of what he had to report:

  • Police Officers, fire fighters and paramedics have been recruited to service the city
  • The city has had a budget surplus in 2012 and applied those extra dollars to technology, blight removal and infrastructure needs
  • Welcome Dayton campaign is going strong and the city is be re-populated – the Turkish Ahiskan community has grown from 150 families in 2010 to 450 families today and 2,400+ people became New Americans this spring from the Dayton region
  • Forbes Magazine rated Dayton, Ohio as the “Happiest City To Work In”
  • Forbes Magazine rated Dayton as the third best city in America
  • Forbes Magazine rated Dayton as the “Most Affordable City in America”
  • Dayton, Ohio has been ranked as the third best U.S. city for job opportunities
  • Dayton Metro Library passed a $187 million bond to re-invent the library system in over the next 20 years
  • $4 million was raised privately to a kayaking feature for RiverScape
  • Fifth Street Brewpub (St. Anne’s Hill) has 1,700+ members and is the fastest growing brew pub co-op in the U.S.

Upcoming Dayton, Ohio progress includes:

  • Hollywood Dayton Racino (northern Dayton)
  • GE Aviation Research Center at the University of Dayton

Leitzell says, “The Dayton renaissance is happening… Four short years ago I doubt that anyone would ever believe that a so called “dying city” could turn around so quickly during a recession….(It) goes back to the people who call themselves Daytonians… Dayton is not only the “city of inventors” but the city of “re-inventors”…

Read the entire speech by Mayor Gary Leitzell here.


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