Great Lighting – Increase Your Home’s Value!

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If you are getting your home ready to sell, think about how the use of lighting can help make it more appealing and increase in value. Here are some things to think about when staging your home:

Take advantage of natural sunlight.
If your home has rooms with large windows, open up the blinds and curtains to take advantage of the light that can pour into your home. Swap out heavier drapes for lighter-weight fabric so light can shine through them. Use sheers to diffuse light it the room is too sunny.

Use mirrors.
Carefully positioned mirrors can help to redirect sunlight into rooms without sunny windows.

Highlight positive features (and downplay negative ones.)
Accent or targeted lighting can draw attention to your home’s best features. Have an accent niche – highlight it!

Update lighting.
Consider updating the lighting in your kitchen and include under-cabinet recessed lighting – a very popular trend in kitchen design.

Use an up-to-date chandelier in your dining room to give it a fresh look.

Remove the tired (or ugly) shades from your lamps and replace with new ones. Target has great deals on shades.

Add unexpected lighting – like a table lamp on a kitchen countertop. This addition can add warmth to the space.

Adequate lighting.
When staging a home to sell, usually “less is more”, but with lighting, more is best. Try using multiple light sources in a room with overhead lights, sconces as well as lamps or can lighting focused on wall art.

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