Kitchen and Bath Trends for 2013

Woman in Empty Room with Thought Bubble of a New Kitchen Design

The National Kitchen and Bath Association has released its NKAB-member survey about design trends for 2013:

Grey – Becoming the “It” Color
Grey color trends in baths and kitchens are growing. Currently 55% of kitchens (vs 9% in in 2010) and 56% of bathrooms (vs 12% in 2010) are a shade of grey.

  • Whites and off-whites are the most popular colors in kitchens and baths, followed by beiges and bone hues.

Transitional Kitchens
Transitional-style kitchens are now favored over traditional styles.

Granite or Quartz?
Granite is still the most popular counter finish, but quartz is coming in at a close second.

  • 87% used granite in kitchens and 71% in bathrooms
  • Quartz increased from 69% to 80% in kitchens and 53% to 65% in bathrooms

Painted Cabinets in the Kitchen
White is the top color for painted cabinets in the kitchen.

Cabinets Finishes in the Kitchen

  • Light finishes were used by 30%
  • Medium finished were used by 54%
  • Dark finishes were used by 55% of those surveyed

Glass Backsplash Growing More Popular

  • 64% of those surveyed used a glass backsplash (vs 42% in 2010)
  • Ceramic/porcelain tiles are the most popular materials used at 77%

Nickel, Bronze or Polished Chrome?
Satin nickel is the most popular faucet finish in kitchens. Bronze or oil-rubbed bronze finishes have grown in popularity. (Polished nickel and polished chrome have dropped to 47% and 20% respectively.)

Read the entire survey report here.


Want some inspiration? Look at Sibcy Cline’s Pinterest Boards for Bathrooms and Kitchens!

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