Stage Your Home To Sell Fast

Stylish folding screen near sofa in living room interior

Making your home appeal to as many people as possible is the route to follow when getting your home ready to sell. Here are some tips to think about when working with your real estate agent to get your home market ready:

Curb Appeal
Make potential buyers stop in front of your home instead of doing a quick drive by.

  • Lawn is neat and fresh sod is added if needed
  • Walkways and siding is power washed
  • House numbers are easy to read
  • Plants are fresh
  • Front windows are washed
  • Outdoor lighting is always a nice touch

Front Porch
Make the porch welcoming.

  • Porch is in good condition with fresh paint or stain as needed
  • Clean door mat
  • Plants are in good condition
  • No clutter
  • Clean outdoor furniture

Clean Your Home
Clean everything: Floors, windows, counters, grout – every needs to be shiny!

No Clutter
You may need to rent temporary storage for your belongings and extra furniture – however, a de-cluttered home is a must when getting it ready for the market to sell

  • Counters cleared in the kitchen and baths
  • Storage areas are organized
  • Closets are organized

No Blank Canvases
Although de-cluttered rooms are appealing, your home should still have personality. A vase of freshly cut flowers or lemons in a bowl can make a room pop.

  • Groupings of threes look most pleasing to the eye
  • Items placed in a triangle also look pleasing

The Floors

  • Are wood floors clean and in good shape?
  • Are carpets clean and free of stains?

Furniture Placement 

  • Create conversation ares with furniture – group your furniture
  • Furniture that “hugs” the wall is not appealing
  • Too much furniture? De-clutter!
  • Make a room bigger by having it flow into another space with continuity of flooring and wall color

Color Selections
An accent wall in deep purple may not appeal to the masses. It is best to neutralize with mid-tone, warm neutrals – not white.

Master Suite 

  • Make this room gender neutral and serene
  • Remove personal items
  • Buyers will look into your closets – make them look spacious and de-clutter! (Aim for 30% open space)

Spare Rooms

  • Turn your spare room into a home office, guest room, work-out room or home gym
  • No junk rooms permitted!


  • If your bathroom is small, consider replacing the sink with a pedestal version which will open up the space
  • Hung towels should be pristine and hung precisely
  • Soap needs to be fresh
  • No clutter
  • Tub, sink and toilet need to be clean – the toilet cover lid should be down
  • Empty the garbage can


  • Pet toys and bowls should be hidden. Not everyone loves Fido or Kitty
  • Pet odors are a turn off

Outdoor Spaces

  • Does your backyard have space for an outdoor room on the patio or porch? Show it off!
  • Stage the small back porch table for a morning breakfast
  • Make sure the grill is clean (warmer months) or nicely covered for colder times

Let There Be Light!

  • Open the curtains and blinds and let the light in
  • Add up-to-date lights (100 watts per 50 square feet)
  • Lighting goal for all of the major rooms: general (overhead), task (pendant, under cabinet) and accent (table/wall)

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