Watch Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing? The Reality of the Life of a Real Estate Agent

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This blogger is an avid viewer of the Bravo television program, Million Dollar Listing New York. Homes on this show always sell immediately with some amazing marketing that usually involves over-the-top agent listing parties. Does this program accurately portray the life of a real estate agent and how homes sell?

Well, not really.

The show glosses over all of the hours agents spend communicating with their clients and contacts as well as attention to details such as paperwork and the creation of marketing materials. The Bravo-station agents seem to get listings “magically” without a contract in hand. Poof.

And, these Bravo sales agents are always selling very expensive homes in just days with full cash offers. Never a mortgage in sight.

What is Real
But what this show does really well is showcase how a day-in-a-life of a real estate agent can be pretty exciting and is always changing. Real estate agents meet new people every single day. And, yes, some deals can close fast – especially in this current, brisk real estate market.

We think the life of a Sibcy Cline agent is pretty exciting, too – especially when our agents help their clients realize a dream of a new home. That is one of the most rewarding aspects of the profession.

It’s also one of the few professions that offers unlimited income potential with flexibility in spending time at work or home. Let’s give a “high kick” to that.

Do you watch Million Dollar Listing New York? Who is your favorite agent, Fredrick, Ryan or Luis? Fredrick has such a quick mind for negotiating and a great eye for staging concepts. Luis get high marks for being creative and charming. And, Ryan has that tenacity to get the home sold. I enjoy watching all three – they are successful, love what they do and make me think about becoming Realtor and selling real estate.

Read an article here  and here about how real reality real estate shows are.

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