Tips to Using Color To Make Your Home Look Even Better When Selling

PaintBucketsYour home is on the market and  you are thinking about neutralizing your walls. Of course, that florescent green has got to be toned down, but there is no need to have all-white boring, blah walls when selling. The goal is make your home more inviting – not forgettable.

Create Color Focal Points
Adding a little color not only creates interest in a room, but can also draw the eye in to see architectural details or other focal points in a room. Color can highlight a fireplace or built ins.

Color to Make a Focal Point
If your room lacks focus, an accent wall can do the job!

Don’t Paint – Use Color With Accessories
If you are fearful of selecting the wrong color, enhance that white or cream room with colorful accessories to make the room more interesting.

Want to Make the Room Feel Larger? 
Select a darker hue if you want your room to appear larger. If you use dark blues or greens be sure to have strong lighting to create that sense of space. (Colors that make spaces feel smaller? Reds, oranges and yellows!)

Want some inspiration for your accent color? 

  • Go here to House Beautiful to see what the experts are selecting, or here for HGTV advise in picking colors.
  • Here are some tips about selecting accents walls.
  • Use Sibcy Cline’s Pinterest boards! We have 100s of images of homes to inspire you.



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