Cincinnati, Ohio Makes the Top 10 Best U.S. Cities for Movie Lovers

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Lights! Camera! Action!
There is nothing better than watching a movie while sitting in the middle of a theater (with unobstructed view) with a chilled Icee and buttery popcorn.

Per, Cincinnati, Ohio is a great place to go and watch a movie. The city made it to the 10 Best Cities For Movie Lovers. Read the article here.

How did the city make this list? The website used data such as…

  • Movie theaters per capita
  • Video rental stores per capita
  • Number of indie theaters per capita
  • Number of annual film festivals
  • Number of film/cinema museums
  • Number of film societies per capita
  • Number of drive-in theaters per capita
  • Bonus points for specialty theaters per capita

What is your favorite movie theater? This blogger enjoys the Mariemont Theatre. Its been renovated in the past several years and has quality snack and drink selections. And, this theater offers artsy, foreign as well as major films.

This blogger’s wish-list for a Cincinnati theater is one that offers recliners, blankets and food service right at your seat. Read more about that type of theater here and here.

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