Benefits of Biking

Harry Dornheggen of Sibcy Cline Hyde Park is wearing his new SC cyclist shirt!

Harry Dornheggen of Sibcy Cline Hyde Park is wearing his new SC cyclist shirt!

Biking has made a resurgence in popularity. Bike trails have grown exponentially and cyclists are seen just about everywhere.

What Good Things Happen When Biking?

Less Emissions
If you bike to work you reduce your household emissions by 6%. And, bikes can be up to 50% faster than cars during rush hour.

Less Pollution
Cars make .97 pounds of pollution per mile each year. Bikes produce none.

Healthy Things
Thirty minutes of biking daily can save you $554 yearly on healthcare costs.

Less Resources Used
Bike use fewer natural resources to be made than cars. (A car makes 1.2 billion cubic yards of pollution when produced.) Less rubber is used in making bikes which helps our forests.

Support of Local Businesses
Bikers tend to keep their trips shorter and shop closer to home.

Many Sibcy Cline agents and employees are cycling!
We just received an order of our own personalized Sibcy Cline Cyclist Shirts for 18 Sibcy Cline agents, managers and employees. We hope they send us photos soon of themselves on their bikes with their special shirts!

Interested in learning more about cycling trails in Cincinnati? Go here and here and here.

Did you know? ranked Dayton #45 in 2012 for bike-friendlly U.S. cities.

  • Dayton, Ohio has a map of its biking trails here.
  • And read more about biking in Dayton here.

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