Buy a Haunted House – Would You? Could You?


Bwa ha ha. Would you ever live in a haunted house? No? Well, some people would! released a Haunted Housing Report with 1,400 people’s thoughts on haunted properties. The results?

  • Spooky. 26% of those surveyed would consider buying a haunted house.
  • Eerie. 36% said they might think about buying a haunted home.
  • Eeeks. 38% said there was no way they would buy a home that was haunted.

Have you experienced a haunted house?  Of those surveyed, over 50% said they had heard about someone else experiencing a haunted home. 35% said they have lived in a home they considered to be haunted; and 25% have made efforts into researching a home’s history to find out about past incidents.

Want to read this scary report? Go here.

Scream Your Head Off at an Area Haunted House: 

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