Selling Your Home? Paint Can Help Enhance It!

Paintbrushes Dripping into Paint Containers

Getting your home ready to sell can be time-consuming. When preparing your home for the real estate market, do not forget that paint is a low cost remedy that can help make your home look like a million bucks to buyers. It’s worth your time or investment.

Do You Need To Enlarge A Space?
Walls that are white, cream, pastel or cool (tinted with blue or green) create the illusion of space because these types of colors reflect light.

To make the space extend even more, consider painting the trim the same color as the walls or use white trim.

Ceiling colors should be white or a light color or can be a shiny dark color to enhance space. You can make the space seem taller if you use the same color on the walls and ceilings. Or, extend the wall color into a part of the ceiling (six or 12 inches) to give the illusion of height.

Vertical stripes of color pull the eye up. Horizontal stripes pull the eye around the perimeter.

Need to Make the Space More Cozy?
If you have a large room, you may want to cozy up the space by using warm colors (red tinted) since darker colors absorb light.

Dark colors on the ceiling in a flat finish will make high ceilings seem less tall.

Serenity Now
Some rooms should be calm. Bathrooms and master bedrooms should use muted tones.

Take Note
Features can be highlighted with paint. Crown moldings and trims can pop out when painted white against a high-contrast wall color. High-sheen paint should be used on trim work.

Hide It
You can “hide” not-to-lovely-features but using flat paint. Paint radiators the same color as the walls and they will disappear.

Need Inspiration for Color Options?
If you need help with deciding upon what colors to use, here are a few suggestions:

  1. Use Sibcy Cline’s website! Take a look at what rooms of homes currently on the market look like.
  2. Use Pinterest. There are so many images to gaze upon on this graphic-driven website. Sibcy Cline’s Pinterest boards showcase some favorite home interiors.
  3. – Type in a color and see lots of rooms. This is a image-driven website which will give you great inspiration.

Need Professional Help?
If you do not feel up to the task of selecting colors for your rooms, use the assistance of a professional. Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services for interior decor help or referrals of some great painters.

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