Ryan Seacrest Opens A Studio at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center


Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center is one of the best in the nation and now is able to boast having a broadcast studio in its main concourse.

Watch a video about the studio from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center here:

The Ryan Seacrest Foundation created the studio that offers closed-circuit radio and television programs allow patients to interact from their hospital rooms. Kids will enjoy children’s programs, game shows and interviews with celebrities.

Ryan Seacrest iappeared for the ribbon-cutting ceremony on November 18, 2013!

About The Ryan Seacrest Foundation
Ryan Seacrest established his family foundation as a way to lift the spirits of hospitalized children by allowing them to interact with the shows and possibly meet some entertainment stars. It’s focus is on the positive healing process for the children.

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A Personal Note
This blogger has a very warm heart for Children’s Hospital. My brother had spinal meningitis when he was very young. He recovered from this very frightening medical situation under the care of the staff of the hospital. We are very lucky to have such a great hospital in our region taking good care of all of our youth and it is very deserving to have the new Seacrest Studio!

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