Update Your Bath with a Techie Toilet


We missed it. November 19 was a designated by the United Nations as “World Toilet Day 2013.”

Why do we mention this? When you are selling your home, you need to make sure your bathroom looks appealing, including that commode!

Things to think about when upgrading your bathroom’s throne:

Eco-friendly toilets
Newer toilets conserve water when flushed and use less energy.

Self-cleaning toilets
This blogger has not heard of this previously, but there are toilets on the market that have suds to rinse the bowl when flushed.

Heated toilets
Now this is a nice amenity – a heated seat would be welcome on cold mornings!

Techie toilets
There are “smart” toilets that will light up in dark rooms, have vents to heat your feet, offer USB ports, have music playing and can be programmed to greet you. See the video below for details about a $6,000+ smart toilet.

Bet You Did Not Know This

  • The average person spends three years of their lives on the commode
  • Nature calls us about 2,500 times yearly
  • Queen Elizabeth I had a toilet with a seat and flushing system
  • The first ceramic commode was created in 1870
  • There is a sanitation (aka toilet) museum in Gmunden, Austria called: Klo & So. See a video about this interesting museum here.

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