Tips For Using LED Holiday Lights in Your Home

Brightly colored Christmas lights on a black background

LED holiday lighting is all of the rage. Here is some illuminating information about them:

Saves Money
LED lights use 90% less energy than traditional holiday lights according to Energy Star. The energy used by one 7-watt incandescent bulb could power 140 LEDs which is the equivalent of 48 feet of lights! An average household can save $50 in energy by using LEDs.

They Do Cost More, However
LED lights are more expensive. Look for sales. And the good news is that LED lights last a long time. Be sure to purchase lights that earn the Energy Star offer of a three-year warrantee.

Stranding LEDs
You can connect up to 87 strings of LED light strings end to end! Okay, Clark Griswald, be mindful of your neighbors when going crazy with so many lights. Make sure your strand does not exceed the maximum of 210 watts. Read more about light safety here.

Less Risk of Fire
LEDs are cooler than incandescent bulbs.

Brighter Hue
LEDs emit a very bright light. There are some manufacturers who offers a “warm white bulb”. The colored LEDs are very vibrant as well and are available in many colors.

Watch this video from EnvironmentalLights that explains many details about LEDs:

What Does LED Mean?
Light emitting diodes. They are small light sources that are illuminated by electrons moving through a semiconductor material.

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