Fake or Real Christmas Trees – Which is More Green?

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Fake or real Christmas trees – which are better for the environment? The answer is real. Sort of.

Real Christmas Trees
As a resource, real Christmas trees are renewable and recyclable. Most are recycled into mulch.

Your best bet for a really “green” live tree is to purchase one from a local Christmas tree farm and thus avoid the shipment pollution of trees brought in from other states.

Or, you might consider purchasing a bulbed or bagged tree which can be planted outside after the holiday season.

Learn about the different types of live trees available here.

What About the Fake Trees?
Alas, if you have a fake tree (as this blogger does), it is best to use the tree for as many years as possible to keep it from ending up in the landfill pile. When you are finished with your tree, try to donate it to someone who needs a tree.

So Which Type of Tree Is Better?
Although a real tree can be recycled, it is a wash when you consider the impact made on the environment when looking at carbon footprints. The difference in the environmental impact between the two is small, with artificial trees having a slightly larger impact. Read more here.

What Sells More?
In the U.S., more live Christmas trees are sold than artificial ones (according to the National Christmas Tree Association.) In 2012, 24.5 million live trees were sold versus 10.9 million fake ones. But, 83% of American households have an artificial tree – they just aren’t buying one yearly!

Real Versus Fake

  • Artificial trees do not need to be watered
  • Live trees make your home smell wonderful
  • Artificial trees don’t shed needles
  • It’s fun to select a real tree each year

What type of Christmas tree do you prefer to decorate your home during the holidays?

Note: The American Christmas Tree Association represents artificial Christmas tree retailers and real Christmas tree retailers.

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