How Home Buyers Search for Homes

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Exactly how does a home buyer find the home of his or her dreams? It’s all about the Internet and Real Estate Agents.

92% of Buyers used the Internet for their Home Search
And, 45% of these buyers are using tablet or mobile devices. The website showcasing your listed home is very important. Be sure the site is a great source of home-buying traffic in your area and that listing content is viewable on smaller tablet or mobile devices.


83% of Buyers think Photos of Homes on the Internet are Very Useful
When browsing through homes online, buyers are going to be attracted to large, clear photo images of a home’s exterior and interior features. Sharp photography is a must when listing your home.

89% of Home Buyers Used an Online Website and a Real Estate Agent as Information Sources in Their Home-Search Process 
Your real estate agent is busy promoting your listed home on the Internet as well as through networking through personal and professional contacts. There is a lot of marketing going on when a real estate agent is selling a home.

How Long Are Buyers Searching?
Typically home buyers take 12 weeks to look for a home and will personally look at 10 homes before deciding upon their purchase. 43% of buyers find the home they ultimately purchased on the Internet (as compared to 8% in 2001) and 33% found the home they purchased through a real estate agent.

Statistics from: National Association of Realtors Home Buyers and Sellers Guide 2013

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