The Color for 2014 Is Radiant Orchid


Pantone selects a yearly color deemed to be popular and for 2014 that hue is Radiant Orchid.

So forget Emerald Green (the color for 2013) and decorate and wear purple! This color radiates confidence, joy, love and health. It is a very captivating hue! Read more about the allure of this color here.

How to Use Radiant Orchid in Home Decor

  • Accent pieces and accessories will be eye catching with this color.
  • Radiant Orchid pairs well with dark greens, turquoise, and light yellows.

Need some inspiration for Radiant Orchid? Go here and look at some Pinterest boards.

What is Pantone?
Pantone is an authority on color and has created a standard language of color communication. Designers use Pantone color palettes for their work in print, web design, clothing and materials.

Blogger’s Note
This blogger’s grandmother adored the color purple. She decorated her Florida home with purple carpeting, furniture and accent pieces. And she must have owned at least 20 pairs of pants in various hues of purple. She could have been the spokesperson for Radiant Orchid!

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