2014 Remodeling Trends for Homes

Here are what experts are predicting for remodeling trends for 2014:

Open Spaces
Open spaces continue to be on trend. Home owners desire kitchens that merge and open into living areas.

Modern kitchen and living room

Kitchens Are Modern
Rustic is out. Modern is in. Look for simple-styled countertops and minimalist designs. Appliances are hidden from view to give the kitchen a clean, sleek appearance. Granite remains popular. Stainless appliances also remain popular, but are now combined with other finishes of cabinetry and styles of appliances.

Dull Brass
Dull, rustic and hammered brass hardware is in style. (Gone is highly polished and bright brass.)

Resort-style bathrooms will be popular with walk-in showers (no curbs), heated floors and towel racks and jetted tubs. Also look for glass tiles and the use of cool and neutral colors.

Accent Colors
Look for vibrant colors on accent walls using lemon zest, nectarine, rouge red and green flash. See these colors from Pantone here. Cobalt blue will be popular, too.

Green Is In
Energy efficiency is a must in a remodel. Eco-friendly materials are very important and appliance efficiency is assumed.

The U-Socket with two, built-in USB ports is great for powering up an iPhone, digital camera, Kindle or iPad. This socket also shuts off when the device is charged. Look for this type of socket to become very popular.

Gold is Golden
Soft gold accents will be prevalent in homes. Find them in the hardware for cabinets, faucets and fixtures. The key is to use this type of finish sparingly.

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