Build a Snowman at Your House!


There is snow in the yard of your home just beckoning you to come out and build a snowman. Here are some helpful tips to help you construct one:

Where to Build
Find a flat area to build your snowman. Please note that icy or fluffy snow do not make great snowmen. It is best to use snow that packs well together.

Start Your Snowman
Make a small ball in your hands and then roll the ball on the ground. It should pick up extra snow and get larger as you roll.

Roll three balls of snow in different sizes and stack each on the other from largest to smallest.

If your balls of snow are really big, you may need to build a ramp in the back of your snow man to roll each ball up.

Once the balls are in place, pack snow between each layer so the balls stay in place. You can also insert long, thin sticks through the middle of the head (shish-kabob style) to stabilize your snow man.

Add an old hat, scarf and carrot to add some character to your snowman. Pebbles and coal can also be used for a mouth and eyes.

Want arms? Add sticks to each side.

Get Creative
Some like to build their snowmen upside down or relaxing in a chair! Come up with your own creative ideas.

Need inspiration? See Sibcy Cline’s Pinterest Board called: Snowman Ideas here.

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