A Sibcy Cline Sold Mine Doll House at Sibcy Cline Beavercreek

Anns dollhouse3Anns dollhouse Anns dollhouse2

Sibcy Cline Beavercreek agent Ann Mentzer built a doll house for her daughter quite a few years ago. This delightful, small house has been on display in the Beavercreek office foyer during the holiday season. People who walk by the office have been stopping to peek inside this pint-sized home!

Inside This Little Home
All of the interior lights are wired to work for the chandeliers, fireplace sconces, Christmas tree, front porch lights as well as the front evergreen trees. Other home features include:

  • Handmade rugs
  • Framed pictures
  • Dishes in the kitchen
  • Mom, Dad, two kids, cat, dog and mouse
  • Sibcy Cline Sold Mine Sign
  • Quoting sale price: Priceless!

Ann is a proud, mom, grandmother and great grandmother – what a wonderful treasure to have in her family and pass on through the generations.

Blogger Note: One of my favorite childhood books was called Big Susan by Elizabeth Orton Jones. This book was about a dollhouse family and had amazing illustrations. The dollhouse’s owner was… Big Susan – which is my name, too. It is a special book that I will now need to reread once again.

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