Be Careful in the Extreme Cold When Leaving Your Home


Extreme cold temperatures are dangerous. When heading out from your home to work be very careful about exposing yourself to the elements. Dress in layers and wear a warm hat and gloves.

The body loses heat when exposed to cold temperatures. Prolonged exposure to the cold can use up stored energy resulting in hypothermia (very low body temperature). Symptoms of hypothermia include shivering, fatigue, confusion and loss of coordination. It the body is not warmed up, symptoms will progress and show blue skin, dilated pupils, a slow pulse and loss of consciousness.

Those with hypothermia should be moved to a warm environment. Use an electric blanket or layers of dry clothing, towels or blankets to warm the body. If the person is conscious, a warm, non-alcoholic beverage can help increase the body’s temperature. Read more about hypothermia here.

Winter Weather Hazard Terms
If you are interested in reading about the different terms for winter hazards, such as advisories, warnings, snow squalls, etc., go here.

Snow emergency levels are explained here.

Article courtesy of: Sibcy Cline Insurance Services

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