Take Care of Your Home and You Will Get More Money When It’s Time To Sell

Man Caulking WindowRain Gutter full of leaves

With homeownership comes the responsibility of maintenance. Whether you own a newly built home or one that is 100 years old, your home requires care in order to keep its value high.

“Out-of-shape” older homes can lose 10% of appraised value. On the other hand, well-maintained older homes can add value. Do not defer maintenance.

Water can destroy a foundation, roof, walls and floors. You need to determine the source of the water and address it. The problem may be resolved through a sump pump or some outside caulking.

  • Go here for more information about how to prevent water damage.
  • This link gives information about inspecting your roof for problems.

Extend the life of your appliances by keeping an eye on them.

  • Dryers need to be cleaned out regularly. Clean the lint trap after each load. Every six months check the vent pipe and the exterior of the vent for trapped lint. (For long pipes, you may want to have a professional remove the trapped lint.)
  • Refrigerators are more efficient when condenser coils are clean. And remember to check the drip pan for mold. (Read more about refrigerator maintenance here.)

Periodically check for stains of plumbing leaks. Ductwork should be checked for air leaks which is an energy waster. Windows should be caulked and sealed.

Inspect your windows and doors for air and water leaks. Cracked windows should be replaced. Skylights needs to checked for gaps.

Your roof should be inspected yearly to look for bad shingles and flashing that may need to be caulked. Read more about roof maintenance here.

A house settles through time and some unevenness can be expected. But a major shift in the foundation is not good. The sooner a repair is made, the easier and less expensive it is. Read more about foundations here.

Yearly Tasks
Every year, rain gutters should be cleaned every spring and fall. Furnace filters need to be replaced per their instructions.

This article is courtesy of Sibcy Cline Home Services.

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