Selling Your Home – Myths and Facts

Focus On Facts

Here are a few myths and facts to consider when selling your home:

Myth: “Buyers Will Pay What I Want”
Fact: Pricing a home does not equal the true market value of a home. To set a price, your agent needs to share current comparable home sale price information for your area. This will help you target what a realistic selling price is. A higher-price strategy can allow room for negotiation or can turn off some buyers who do not see a value with your pricing. Prices set low can pull buyers in. Ultimately, however, your home will sell for its current market value.

Myth: “Buyers Will See The Potential”
Fact: Your home’s condition will affect the price buyers are willing to pay. First impressions count when presenting your home to buyers.

  • Do the basics to make your home presentable: declutter it, clean it and deodorize it. Your extra “stuff” will need to be stored.
  • Make sure your home is in good condition. It needs to look well maintained.
  • Home improvements can also help with a sale, but you need to make sure any changes will be valued by a potential buyer.

Need More Information?

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