Get Your Home Sold

SOLD Rubber Stamp
We hope all listed homes will sell, but sometimes they do not. Why?

  • Ultimately, a home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay and a seller is willing accept.
  • Buyers need to feel a connection to the home to motivate them to make an offer.

What should a home seller do if the home is not receiving any offers? Think about price, condition and showings.

The top reason homes do not sell is due to over pricing. Your agent will research what current comparable homes are selling for in your area. Educating yourself with these market conditions is vital to setting a realistic listing price. The longer your home sits on the market at a too-high-price, the less appealing your home becomes.

If your home has some non-desirable features (such as a poor location), such drawbacks should be factored into the listing price.

Listen to Your Realtor About Your Home’s Condition
Talk to your agent about the condition of your home. It needs to look its absolute best when on the market and should be cleaned, de-cluttered and staged to show off its best features.

Not everyone wants to buy a fixer upper. It takes time to get a home market ready, but the sweat equity is definitely worth it. (Many people take advantage of Sibcy Cline’s Home Services division that provides contacts for hundreds of home-related vendors to help get their home ready to sell.)

Difficult To Show
You need to be flexible when selling your home. A lock box on your door makes it easier for agents to show your home to potential buyers. Being willing to vacate your home while it is shown to buyers also makes it easier for the showing agent to present your home. Remember, if you cannot show it, it will not sell.

Bottom line, it is best to have a home that is in good condition, priced right and is easy to show.

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