Home On the Market? Make Your Entrance Welcoming

Door_2Wooden Front Door
If your home is on the market to sell, be sure it looks inviting at the front, because that’s where the first impression will be made by buyers. Here are some low-cost tips to make your home beckon those buyers inside:

Give the Bushes a Hair Cut
If bushes are hiding the front facade of your home, it is time to give them a trim.

Path to the Front Door
The walk to your front door needs to be clear and wide. If there is snow or ice, shovel it. Obstructing shrubs should be cut back.

Make Your Door Glossy
If you do not have a front door in great shape, glossy paint looks great. Many like to use deep green, red or blue. Polish the hardware or replace old lock sets with shiny, brand new ones. Want to get fancy? Have an interesting knocker installed on your front door.

Not Much Decor at the Front?
If your home lacks attractive landscaping or visual interest at the front, then consider purchasing boxwood plants. They are easy to maintain and can be potted if necessary.

What’s Your Address?
Make sure the address numbers on your home are visible.

Door Mat
Look for a nicely made door mat to welcome buyers. This blogger’s mat says: Bon Jour. Besides looking nice, mats are a great way for people to wipe their feet before entering.

Let There Be Light
Do you have a porch light? Turn it on when buyers are expected.

Mail Boxes
Make sure your mail box is in great condition and well mounted.

This blog was inspired from HouseLogic/REALTORS. 

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