Lights! Camera! Action! Lebanon, Ohio!

Residents in Lebanon are going to soon be seeing stars – movie stars!
A movie called “Carol” is going to be filmed at the Berry Intermediate School in Lebanon, a downtown Lebanon alley and the Shaker Inn Motel.

The production will star the fabulous, Oscar-winning Cate Blanchett. (And I mean fabulous. She is one of this blogger’s favorite actresses, especially in the role of Elizabeth.) Other actors will include: Sarah Paulson (12 Years as a Slave), Rooney Mara (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and Kyle Chandler (Football coach in Friday Night Lights.)

The movie is based on a short story set in New York during the 1950s. It is a love story about betrayal and passion between a department store clerk and an older, married woman.

Look for Cate in the area starting on March 31. The production will be filming through the end of May.

By the way, this movie will also be filming in various locations in Cincinnati including Hyde Park and Over-the-Rhine. A tractor trailer filled with costumes arrived on Fifth Street already. The film crew has been seen in the Ohio Antique Mall in Fairfield several times purchasing set props.

Other movies shot in the region:

  • Harper Valley PTA – Lebanon
  • TV movie Christmas Spirit – Lebanon
  • Milk Money – Lebanon
  • Ides of March
  • Traffic
  • Little Man Tate
  • Rain Man

Interested in becoming an “extra” for this movie? Email contact information and a head shot to:

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