Making Connections: Funding Approved for Six-City Hike and Bike Path in Northern Kentucky

Riverfront Commons

Riverfront Commons is the name of the Northern Kentucky bicycle and walking path that will be built over the next 10 years that will eventually connect the riverfront districts of Ludlow, Covington, Newport, Bellevue, Dayton and Ft. Thomas.

Southbank Partners is the group behind this project that will not only offer recreation opportunities, but also riverside stabilization and eco-system restoration. The 11.5-mile hike and bike path will connect to many of the riverfront’s attractions such as Newport on the Levee, the Purple People Bridge and Covington Landing. The economic impact of Riverfront Commons is estimated to reach over $1.5 billion while creating over 7,500 jobs for the region. Over $1 million in grants have already been secured and construction has begun in Newport on Riverboat Row.

We look forward to the enhanced riverfront and positive impacts it will make on the surrounding communities!

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