Your Home Should Not Be Over Personalized When It is on the Market

Happy Family photo

You have spent time and effort decorating your home to your taste with photos and objects that have meaning to you. But, when preparing to sell, you need to focus on depersonalizing it.

Your home needs to be staged so it appeals to a wide audience. You want a buyer to focus on its many features and not all of your personal belongings that will move on with you.

Knick Knacks
Your love your small treasures and they have meaning to you. But, these tchotkes can distract a buyer. Home decor is a very personal thing. By keeping your home filled with all of your mementos, the buyer has a difficult time visualizing his or her own things in it.

Keep the rooms of your home clutter free and display only a few neutral decor items. Pack away all of your very personalized treasures and save them for your new home.

What Should You Avoid Displaying

  • Family photos
  • Unusual collections
  • Stuffed animals or dolls
  • Unusual art



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