Interesting Sibcy Cline Web Site Stats

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Sibcy Cline’s web site is the dominant real estate source of information for listed homes for sale in Cincinnati and Dayton, Ohio; Northern Kentucky; and Southeastern Indiana. Here are some fun facts about this site:

Sibcy Cline’s Views Versus the Local Competition

  • According to, a web-analytics web site, Sibcy Cline’s closest local competition receives only 19% of the traffic as that of
  • Sibcy Cline’s page views have increased over 30% as compared to the same time period five years ago.

Sibcy Cline’s Servers Work Hard 24/7

  • During the peak hours of 9am-4pm and 8pm-10pm, an average of 44 visitors per minute generate over 600 page views each minute – that’s over 10 page views every second
  • In March, users of Sibcy Cline’s web site viewed full-screen photos over 2,000 times every day
  • 1.6 seconds = average load time for a page on Sibcy Cline’s site

Facebook – Looking at Homes is Social

  • Sharing a listing on Facebook works! In March, the site had over 31,000 visits to listing detail pages that were shared directly from the website

Sibcy Cline’s Agents Get Views, Too

  • Sibcy Cline’s agents received over 55,000 page views to their web pages in March




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