Affordable Home Improvements

Construction tools

Thinking about making some home improvements? Keeping your home up-to-date will make it easier to sell when the time is right. Here are some projects to keep in mind that are affordable to do:

If your carpet is worn or has stains, you can replace it for a few hundred dollars per room. (Or, you might want to install hardwood floors in lieu of carpet. This will more expensive and the price depends upon the size of your room and the type of hardwood used.)

Instead of a total remodel in this room, you can update one or two things to make it look more up-to-date. A jetted tub costs between $1500 and $4000. A sink and cabinet costs $500-$1500. Lower cost improvements include: new mirror, new faucet, added shelving and updated showerhead. Heated towel bars are a nice touch and cost about $100 each. Another economic activity would be to replace the grout in this room.

Probably the most affordably improvement you can do is to paint a room.

Replace Hardware
Hardware updates can make doors and light switches look new.

Light Fixtures
Updating light fixtures is great way to make a home look stylish and up-to-date. Lighting comes in all price ranges starting with economic Ikea.

Ceiling Fan
An attractive ceiling fan will cost between $100-$300 depending up the style and size.

Make Windows Look Larger
Make small windows look larger by hanging drapes at ceiling height.

Cover a Scuffed Toekick
You can cover a toekick by adding stainless-looking peel-and-stick laminate strips. They sell for about $12 per foot.

New Door
If your front door looks like it has had better days, think about painting it, re-staining it or replacing it.

Technology Update
Update your thermostat to a programmable one for under $100. Your home can be wired for a single remote system for lighting, air, heating, audio, etc… for $500 to $5000.

Simply organizing belongings can make a big difference in your home. The price to do this will depend upon the type of organization systems you invest in for this project.

Need help with your home-improvement projects? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services!


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