Home Improvements That Do Not Add Value To Your Home

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Home maintenance and improvements help to keep up your property value. However, there are some projects that will add enjoyment for you, but will not add value to your home:

Excessive Renovations For Your Area
Before making an major renovation to your home (new kitchen or lower level), be sure to do research to make sure the value of your home will fit the value standards of other homes in your community. An over-the-top renovation could not result in a strong return-on-investment when it is time to sell. Contact your real estate agent for a consultation about home values in your area. (Major home projects should be limited to 20% of a home’s value as a rule of thumb.)

New Roof
A new roof may be a necessity especially if yours is in poor condition or leaks, but it does not add value to a home. Install a quality roof, but do not go overboard with materials.

Sunrooms look very nice, but some people desire more functional additions. A new sunroom usually recoups less than 60% of the investment. A deck, on the other hand, usually brings an 80% return on the money spent.

Home Office and Other Special Purpose Rooms
Building a new home office addition can be expensive. Expect to get a 50% return on the money. Most people do not work from home and do not need a separate office.

The same is true for other special purpose rooms such as a play room.

Many people view pools as a hassle and do not want them. Install a pool only if you want to  enjoy it and plan on living in your home for a while.

Creative Bathroom Upgrades
Many home buyers will not appreciate a bidet or a steam room/sauna in a bathroom.

Learn more about cost versus value for remodeling your home here.



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