Make the Outside of Your Home Appealing When Selling

Landscaped flower garden

When your home is for sale, focus on making the outside as attractive as possible to lure in buyers. You want your home to look its best and have strong curb appeal. Here are some tips:

Paint It
If your home’s exterior is old and tired, you need to paint it. Be selective about the color. It should be a hue that appeals to many and not only to your personal taste.

Front Door
Your door should be in great shape and look new. You may not need to replace it – simply paint it with a fresh color and either shine up or replace the hardware. Doors that have a contrasting color to the exterior house color stand out.

Freshly planted flower beds make a home look finished and well taken care of. This is an easy way to add some “wow” factor.

Trees and Bushes
Bushes should be well trimmed and not blocking the view of your home. Trees might need be to be trimmed if they block views.

In warmer months, the lawn should be neatly trimmed and manicured. If the time of year is right, the lawn can be greened up with water and fertilizer.

Walkways, Steps and Foundation
Fix all cracks to make the home look well cared for.

Personal Items 
If you have personal items (such as odd furniture or other belongings) stored outside your home, you need to move them. They need to be stored, donated or thrown away. Lawn ornaments should be used minimally. There should be no clutter.

Think Low Maintenance
Buyers can be overwhelmed by high-maintenance yards. Although you may enjoy your koi pond, others may see this as too much work. If you are making landscaping improvements, consider plants and trees that are easy to maintain.

Swing Sets, Tree Houses and Sheds
If swing sets, tree houses or sheds are in great condition, you can leave them be. However, if these items have seen better days, it is best to either remove them or repair them.

Clean your windows and make them shine!

The condition of your roof is one of the first things buyers will notiice. If your roof is in poor shape, you have two choices: replace it now or have the value of your home marked down in value by the cost of the repair.


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