Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Green paper house

Following cold, winter days, your home can suffer from seasonal damage. Keep it in top shape for summer by following these tips:

Roof inspection
Check your roof for loose, warped or missing shingles. Chimney flashing, air vent and skylight seals should be checked to make sure they are intact. (Bloggers note: My home had a loose screw for a roof air vent that caused a leak. I learned the hard way that these items needs to be checked!)

Gutters and Drains
Gutters, drains and downspouts should be clear of any winter storm debris. Check to make sure they are securely attached to the house.

Hidden Leaks
Check pipes that have frozen during the winter to make sure there are no leaks. Look at your hot water heater for signs of corrosion.

If your home has siding, check to make sure none of the siding has come loose from winter storms.

Windows and Door Seals
Check caulking to make sure windows and doors are water tight.

Have your air conditioning system serviced by a professional to make sure everything is in good working order. Replace air filters regularly.

Ceiling Fans
Change you ceiling fan’s direction to blow air down to give the room a breeze. Have the fan run counter clockwise during the summer.

Need help with your summer home maintenance list? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services.

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