Seeing a Home’s Potential When Buying

Some say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but sometimes beauty lies just beyond what the eye sees. This is especially true during the home buying process. Each person has a wish list or list of “must-haves” when looking to buy a new home and with that often comes a mental picture of what the “perfect” home will look like. Unfortunately, finding an existing home that matches that picture and your price range can be a daunting and sometimes impossible task.

Wallpaper? Old carpet? Dated appliances? It can be difficult to look past what is staring you right in the face. While it is certainly understandable to search unwaveringly for a home that immediately meets all your wants and needs, focusing too much on minor details can lead to missing out on a great house that could become your “perfect” home. While it’s no easy task, imagining a space with updated features may bring to light the possibility of customizing an existing home to suit your style and needs.

Three things to ignore when buying a home:
1) Furniture and decorating 

  • This should be the easiest feature to look past because furniture and décor will typically not stay behind when the home is purchased.

2) Neglected landscaping

  • Mismanaged or neglected landscaping can affect first impressions, but with a little attention, can brighten and highlight a home’s exterior character and charm.

3) Paint and wallpaper

  • Dated wallpaper or shocking paint colors can turn you off a room or home immediately, but new paint can be one of the least expensive changes you
    can make.

Three things to look for when buying a home:
1) Neighborhood and amenities

  • Often times where we choose to live is what makes a house a home. Proximity to schools, shopping, dining, parks, and work are all important factors when deciding where to live. If the “perfect” house isn’t in a neighborhood you can enjoy, it may never feel like home.

2) Floor plan

  • Examine how the layout and flow of the home relate to your lifestyle. Also consider where walls could be taken down or put up to create the space you need.

3) Upgrade potential

  • If you find a home that needs new appliances, new floors, or new paint, it is important to remember that upgrading rooms can be a great way to personalize your new home to fit your style.

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