Stage the Garage to Help Your Home Sell

Neat garage tool hanging storage

Can a garage help to sell your home? Yes, it can! Here are some staging tips:

Buyers feel that a cluttered garage means that your home is cramped for space. Purge all clutter. If you are not using items stored in the garage, get rid of them. (Have a garage sale!)

Entice buyers with an uber-organized garage. Show off its storage space with shelving and bins. All tools need to have a home with the most-used tools on display. Take advantage of walls and ceiling for storage space. Use heavy-duty hooks for larger items (like bikes or golf clubs.) Try to get everything off the floor.

A strip of lighting in the garage will look better than one hanging light.

The floor will look more appealing if it is coated. Use an epoxy resined-based paint on a concrete floor. Any oil spills will then be easy to wipe up.

Garage Door 
The door and opener need to operate quietly. The door should be clean.

Walls and Ceiling
Painting the garage can add a lot of appeal to the space.

Got Space? Show It Off
If your home has a three- or four-car garage, be sure to showcase this extra space. Buyers with multiple vehicles will be enticed with room for all of their vehicles.

Dreamy Garages

Car Elevators
There are auto elevators designed for garages. You drive into the garage, get out of the car and push a button and your car rises. Another car can then be parked underneath. Or, the lift can also be designed to lower into the ground. See some images here.

Luxury Garages
A subterranean garage, car turntable and 14-car garage museum – take a look at some of these amazing garages here. They are over-the-top showrooms for cars from Luxury Portfolio International.


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