Use a 3D Printer at the Cincinnati Main Library

The future is now. A 3D printer has been installed at the main branch of the Public Libary of Cincinnati and Hamilton County. You can not only check out books and movies from the library – now you can create things.

This printer uses plastic filament to build objects. There are pre-made designs available to be downloaded and printed at the library. Users can also print a custom design from their thumb drives.

The 3D printer is located on the second floor of the library with staff nearby to assist users. There is no charge to use the 3D printer at this time, but there is a limit of 60 minutes to print an object. Reservations are available.

The library has future plans to offer programming for use with this 3D printer. People will then be able to watch their ideas become reality.

How Do You Design Something for a 3D Printer?
New designs begin with a 3D modeling software program. For some ideas of what has already been created, look at Thingiverse – a web site that aggregates printable things.

Learn More
Watch this video to learn more about 3D printing:

3D Printing and Real Estate
Who knows what the future will bring with 3D printing and real estate? Digital blue prints could be sent to a printer to build house components, small houses or construct prototypes of houses. (Imagine printing for sale signs!)

Read more about real estate and 3D printing here, here and here.  Here is an article about a huge 3D printer that can build a house in 24 hours.

Image courtesy of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

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