Tasty Trucks: The Talk of the Town

Food truck

Wood-Fired Pizza…Waffles…BBQ…Tacos…Crêpes…Farm-Fresh Food…Contemporary Cuisine…Hot Dogs…Gourmet Desserts…Popsicles…Gelato…Grilled Cheese…Gourmet Sandwiches…Coffee…Chili…Ice Cream

All of these deliciously wonderful items (and I’m sure there are more) are available at the 30+ food trucks in Cincinnati. If you are not familiar with the food truck scene, please refrain from a mental picture of a guy selling steaks out of his trunk. The artisans behind the wheels of Cincinnati’s food trucks are the real deal and serve up tasty treats of all varieties. Check out a nice run-down of most of the trucks over at Soapbox Cincinnati.

Unlike a brick and mortar restaurant, you might have to seek out your favorite fares as they move around the region. The Cincinnati Food Truck Association is a great place to get familiar with eateries and to find out where each one will be next.

Here’s a list of some upcoming events where you can get some of these delicious eats:
The City Flea – Washington Park, OTR – June 14th 10-4pm
Food Truckin For Josh Cares
– Fountain Square – June 18th 11-2pm
Anderson Food Truck Rally – Anderson Center Station – June 21 – 4-10pm
Milford Food Truck Rally – 701 Chamber Drive – July 26 – 4-10pm
West Chester Food Truck Rally – The Square @ Union Centre – August 8 – 11-11pm
Walnut Hills Street Food Festival – September 27th

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