Make Your Bedroom Look Larger When Selling Your Home

Large, roomy bedrooms are very desirable to home buyers. If your bedroom chambers are tight, here are some tips to make them look larger when selling your home:

Furniture selection
Do not squeeze larger pieces of furniture into a small bedroom as this will only accentuate the lack of space. Instead, consider using only one dresser and one nightstand in the bedroom. Wall-mounted nightstands give breathing room to a small space. Also, consider furniture with “legs” as these type of pieces look airier in a small room. Furniture that offers several functions (such as an ottoman with storage inside) is another good consideration.

Make the room look more airy by using lighter-toned colors. And, let in plenty of light so it does not feel dark and cavelike.

Use shallow-type storage (limited to 12-inches deep) to maintain plenty of floor space. Consider storage that rises up to the ceiling to maximize space vertically. If the built-in shelving surrounds the bed, it can also serve as the nightstand.


Mirrors can make a room look more spacious especially when they reflect floor-to-ceiling space.

Hang your drapes high above the window to draw the eye up.

Bed Choice
If possible, consider switching a king-sized bed for a queen. In a spare bedroom, consider a day bed as an option to create more space.

No Clutter
Small bedrooms will look larger when clutter is minimized.

Go here for some inspirations photos from Houzz. More ideas are available here.


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