Selling Your Home? Think Like a Buyer!

Selling your home? Think like a home buyer! Here are some tips of how to do so:

Analyze Your Home
Talk to your real estate agent to determine what features buyers are looking for in a home. This will lay the groundwork for you in determining if your home is on target or needs improvement. For example, if that third bedroom is being used as an exercise room, you may want to consider converting it back to its original use if buyers are seeking out bedroom space.

Curb Appeal
Take a long, hard look at your home’s exterior, because this is what makes that first impression. Landscaping may need to be improved, painting may need to be done and cleaning is a must.

Clean the Inside of Your Home
Wash everything – your home needs to sparkle. Touch up paint, repair broken items, shine all fixtures. Your home needs to look fresh.

  • Consider a professional cleaning of your home
  • Paint and trim needs to be great condition
  • Clutter needs to be removed
  • Remove offensive odors

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