Sibcy Cline’s Montgomery Office Shows Its Red, White (and Blue) in the City of Montgomery’s Fourth of July Parade

SIbcy Cline’s Montgomery office had a great time participating in the City of Montgomery‘s Fourth of July Parade. Participates included: Kathy Doherty, Tim Mahoney, Jens Persson, Dede Persson, Celia Carroll, Tim Mahoney II, Raja Adhiyappa, Amy Moeller, David Scott, Rita Poland, Loraine De’Angelo, Lynn Fritts, Donna Sloan, Jeff Cook, Charlie Hawks, Meghan Welage and Amanda Wermuth! (And some Sibcy Cline kids and pooch!)

Everyone had a fabulous time walking the parade route while tossing out Sibcy Cline balls to the kids along the way.



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