Curb Appeal is a Very Good Thing

If your home is on the market to sell, it is very important that a positive first impression is made. Strong curb appeal – the way your home looks from the street – is vital to encourage buyers to want to come in and see more of your home. Here are some tips to create strong curb appeal:

Grey house exterior with black door.

Front Door
If your front door looks a bit tired, paint it to freshen it up.

Seasonal Entry
Go with the season for your front porch or doorway entry. During spring and summer, consider colorful pots of flowers. In the fall, a small haystack or an array of pumpkins will look nice. In winter, an old sled propped near the door can add interest to your home’s entryway.


Your Address
House numbers can be a way to add personality to your home. See some great ideas here from Sibcy Cline’s Door Numbers Pinterest board.


If your mailbox is not looking its best, it may time to replace it. Get inspired from Sibcy Cline’s Mail Boxes Pinterest board here.

Need help getting your home curb-appeal ready? Contact Sibcy Cline Home Services

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